Friday, March 6, 2015


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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fashion Avenue News Events

Hey lovelies

So lately I've been event hopping and working hard as a promoter. I've been trying to gateway myself towards a career in Social Media Management so it's been a lot of work I've been doing. 

So I was very grateful to be invited to Fashion Avenue News Magazine Networking Event and Runway Show.

I was a VIP member of the media. I probably was the only one who didn't have a business card. 

It got crowded in there very quickly. A ton of photographers, models, designers, fashionistas, and bloggers like myself cluttered the area trying to network with each other and entertain themselves. 

I, however, was more interested in the runway shows rather than the networking. I, once again was too awkward and unprepared to network with others. 

Always ready to camwhore though!! 

I was very impressed with Vera Moore products and was engulfed with finding out more about the magazine. 

I honestly went to the event without knowing much about the magazine and I was shocked to find out that I actually had a glimpse of the magazine before. It was being passed around during Uptown Fashion Week. 

I actually was very in love of how high class the magazine was presented. Sadly its only sold in a few places in the city and I'm not a city girl myself. 

But anyway, I was unfortunate to be away from the VIP area during the runway show but I got lucky to get a few pics of the models. 

I was impressed to see a motorcycle collection. It was a nice step away from traditional things that are often put on the runway. 

I didn't get to see the second runway show but a few designers had escorted a model wearing their latest designs around the event. 

The last thing I got to see before I left was the runway strut of Fashion Avenue News latest cover girl and supermodel Tiffany Renee strut the runway.  

It was a lovely event but I wished the event but I wished it was a little bit organized and had seating set up for guest as well as media. 

I honestly couldn't wait to get outside even though the misery of walking through Times Square was just as bad.

Well until next time lovelies, I have a couple more events to attend and I've been working as a promoter/host to a couple of parties that I will share soon.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The pursuit of Happiness

What makes you happy? How do you pursue this happiness?  

Happiness is a funny thing for me. I honestly don't know what makes me happy or how to achieve it. I just go with the flow and fit into form with where the world leads me. 

The world lead me into retail, the world lead me into fashion, the world lead me to travel, the world lead me into college. 

Now June 2014, my new years resolution half complete, my degree half complete, my life a quarter complete.  Its funny because 5 years ago I did not see my life as being here. Nor did i see it this way when I started the blog. Right now I've been feeling confused and little. But guess what guys Thats okay. Its okay to be confused and misguided when your young. We have all our lives to figure things out! 

There is a school of thought that touches my life a bit called "affirmation". In the simplest explaination that can be thought out: when you think positively and dream big, these dreams will eventually come true. 

I told myself for years and I took french in school because I always believe I would get the chance to travel to France. And i did.

This year I've been telling myself its time to go big.
While I decide to do more and live more. Yet I let time and finances recede because I forgot that my ambition is more important than spending time with friends . If my friends were meant to be in my life, they will always be there. If not, well thats a shame on their behalf.  

What makes me happy is following my dreams. 
Even tho having high expectations for myself is also great but I also got to have a realistic factor as well. Like my body is a virtue. I am open minded when it comes to body art and sex so why is it my body should be faced with media standards? I am beautiful as is. I am not thin, I have curves everywhere and anywhere.  

If I'm happy with my body and my partner is happy with my body, why should I care what you think? 
Its 2014, stop glorifying photoshopped stick figures. 

On a side note lovelies, I will be holding a GIVEAWAY next week. So stay tuned on my blog posts, leave comments. Follow me on twitter, instagram, youtube and tumblr. Its coming guys, it's coming. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


 Now I know most of you guys got attracted to this post by me spreading bikini photos everywhere. No, this post will not feature any bikini pictures. This post will all about Sexual Assualt and increasing the awareness for it. 

I think it's common fact that 1 in 5 female college students are sexually assualted each year. Then you might think, well this doesn't apply to me. No this is a frightening number. Whether you are male or female, you have had someone in your life sexually assualted at one point in their life. 

And you know whats scary, guys don't even realize what can be considered as sexual assualt. Even scarier that high school girls don't even realize somethings as sexual assualt until later in life. 

Let me put my experience to let help us really understand. I went to a high school with a very over sexual student body and had a bad rep for teen pregnancies and violence. So condoms in strange places, butt and titty grabs were usual. I as well as ton of the girls saw it as minor harrassment and a part of life. Then during my sophmore homecoming, I remember dancing with a guy that I didn't know. I was wearing a somewhat poofy short dress and many guys had attempted to lift up that dress while dancing. This guy succeeded and literally grabbed be my crouch and forced  me to keep dancing. It took a while for me to get out of that but I shook that off as an "Over the top Dancer". That was what we were taught to think when people did certain inappropiate things. That they were just overdoing things. 

I first came to recognize sexual assualt as an actual thing when I had a drunk friend tackle me to the floor in order to grope my boobs. Even when sober, he thought he did nothing wrong. I remember hysterically crying that night because I thought he was going to rape me. He told me, I was being dramatic. He never realized how 3 years later, that shit still fucks me up late at night. 

It sucks that now that I am a college student, I can't go to parties without guys trying to finger me, fondle me inappropiately, and a bunch of other things that fall into the category of molestation. It sucks that I can't even get too drunk even around my close aguy friends without them taking some type of advantage. It sucks that I can't walk down a street without being stared at or catcalled. It sucks that every night after work, I have to have pepper spray ready and be prepared to run if worst things come to worst. Am I not a woman? Am I not a human being that is due respect? If a ugly bitch grabbed a guy by his balls, he would be mad. Why can't I be mad if an ugly nigga touches me inappropiately. 

But you know what sucks the most? These men think they are self-entitled to pussy. So when they can't get it by conviential means, they think they can just take it anyway. Men will do almost anything for pussy and front on girls that won't give it to them easily. And you know why men think this way? We teach girls to protect themselves yet we don't teach boys not to rape. 

Thats why Sexual Assualt is so normalized. It keeps creeping up, it keeps being headlined in the news. If you are so sexually frustrated and misogynistic feeling you need two things: a therapist and a prostitute.  If you have a son or daughter, please talk to them and let them be aware of whats wrong with fricken society. 

And this is a tag post and I encourage all bloggers who read this to write about on this.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Sakura Matsuri 2014

Washington, DC

Next stop in the travelog! I honestly wish I traveled like this for a living instead of a passing thing. I've been dreaming of going to a Sakura Matsuri for soo long now. My friends would always rave about it and gyaru bloggers would go all super dressed up yet I never had the opportunity. I got so lucky that the offer came up.
So I decided to fly out for the one day event. The huge deciding factor was the weather. New York had a very extended winter this year and we still had cold fronts way into April. The DMV had temps in the high 70s already. I needed that warmth! 

A lot of people flew out for the event too! The shuttle flight is usually very empty on normal days especially at 7am. But the flight was packed. 
This was the first time I've seen DC packed (this is my second trip there within a year) and man did it get hot.
Sakura Matsuri literally means Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival is a reminder of US's diplomatic ties to Japan.  I have an obsession with Sakura flowers so it's was important for me to go and have a hanami. Hanami is a sakura viewing party usually enjoyed by having a picnic under the cherry blossoms.
Spring #ootd 
Lace Crop Top and Textured Skater Skirt from Charlotte Russe. 

Being my first Sakura Matsuri, I didn't quite what to expect. I firstly was expecting sakura everywhere. Hardly the case, the long winter had delayed the blooms.  However the spirit had still stayed alive. Plenty of cosplayers, families, lolitas, and so many others had gather together to celebrate the festival. 

Lolitas <3 

Girl cosplaying as Fairy Tail's Lucy 

And I took pictures with strangers like a boss! 

Her cosplay was the defination of dedication. 

And I met very talented musicians straight from Japan! 

Troll face selfie with the very cute Hideking Project. I swooned at how cute they are and extremely energic singers.  They did soo much despite the heat and their  garments. I fell in love. Especially the one with the glasses, omg he was so cute. If only he spoke more English, I was sooo going to chat him up like the crazy fan girl I am (lol don't tell my boyfriend :P)

I got an autograph and everything. Hopefully they will perform in New York soon.

Well next year hopefully I'll be able to get to go again. It's was wonderful and I'm very grateful that I had the opportunity to travel to DC for a second time.  Next year I will definitely wear a yukata, gyaru style and everything.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Life on the Edge

Chapter 2, College was the beginning of the next chapter. The start of my roller coaster ambitions, the start of finally knowing what it's like to be an adult, the start of romance, the start of bills and other money things. Now here I am 19, very little savings, a lot of debt, 2 semesters of college down, 4 jobs later, and no clue where I am going with life.

If you have read this blog enough you know I get a lot anxiety when it comes to school.But luckily it's Summer Vacation, I have about 4 months to get my life together again before a stream of anxiety comes my way. Travel some more, start a business, get a handle on things you know.

So to start the summer, I got tatt #2. Its my wings :). This may be my last tatt since I don't take pain very well and lord this was painful and the healing process had proven to be a bitch.   I still might go back for a second session to clean up the lines and detail because I was moving soo much and I gave my artist a little bit of a hard time.

Also my belly ring healed enough for to be able to change the ring! So happy about that!

My belly piercing was an intense journey and I'm glad I finally came to a new marker in that journey.  So to celebrate I put up a vlog on my youtube channel.

I'm finally updating that channel so please subscribe and leave comments!

Toodles Loovies <3 br="">

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Confessions of a F-List Blogger

If Sean Santiago is a D-List Blogger, than inadverently I'm an F-List Blogger ---the one who doesn't get invited to NYFW. To even call himself D-List is completely humbling when this guy has great quality and consistency. But that does not the defer how bloggers calculate success, front row during Fashion Week.

Whatever, Fashion Week and A-List Bloggers. Being F-List is way better

1. You invite yourself to events.
You don't even have to check your mailbox for invites. There won't be any.

2. You can write whatever you want without public scorn.
Because you have no traffic

3. And the best for last! No expectations.
That for the most part explains itself

I'm a moderate F-List blogger in a way because I do get invited places and I do get good seating when I go.

So almost 2-months ago I was semi-invited to Uptown Fashion Week Closing Night Fashion Week. Based in Harlem, the closing night show took place in famous gay club, El Morroco. 

So me and my plus one went to our third ever red-carpet event.

Posing on the red carpet. There were proffessional photos but I can't seem to recover them. 

The show featured celebrity supermodel Diva Davana's collection. 
I found the collection surprisingly mature since the creator is only 12 years old.
Since I, myself, am not a designer it would be almost rude of me to call this collection bland (which it was) but since I am me, I will say it anyway. 

 The outfit Diva Davana wore herself was better than anything she put on the runway and she slayed all her models with her catwalk.  I have a video that I'll post later.

Next Echo Chic
I believe the focus was suppose to be on their jewelry.
I did like the choosing of fabrics. Light, fluttery, sensual.

The kimono aspired asethic was really nice. It worked well.

I swear I was more partial to the clothes than the actual jewelry. It just didnt strike me interesting enough. 

My 2nd most favorite line was an Eyewear line, sadly I didn't catch the name. 

It was so creative and out there! 
I appologize that my photos couldn't really capture the magnificence of the line.

They were soon followed by my favorite line of the night "Versailles". This line was the effort of Charles Dejuste. Hes a Haitian-American designer who has really inspired me artistically over the years. 

My favorite dress!! Its so beautiful in composition!!
How it looks from the back!

This segment was absolutely breathtaking!!

The show closed with a not-so-great segment. The clothes were okay but excessiveness of having the designer sing a crappy opera-pop song was less than amusing. 

I mean it was a good line.... I just was distracted... 

Overall it was a good night... Until we missed our train and ended up taking a train to another town and getting home at like 3am.  

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