Thursday, December 30, 2010

So I don't know what came first

So  I definitely fell in love with Gothic Lolita first. I still love it but not as much as I did in middle school. I always love time-period fashion. It's one of my aesthetics when it comes to designing.  So I was always on egl looking at pictures of people who fell in love with that fashion. But a tragic flaw of gothic lolita it didn't have a full effect to me. I once read a book called Japanese School Girl Inferno and from there I left Gothic Lolita for Gyaru. Well technically I never left it because I never wore to begin with but you get my gist.  Either way my oh so popular sister thought I was a weirdo for liking this stuff and  an asian pretender. Reality is my eyes are very asian like and if you look closely one of my eyes are taipered.   Maybe the thing is the magic surrounding gyarus. With a little work they look fabulous  and if you've seen the before and afters  they look stunning!!!!  So I was like I had to go with them. I have a bit of a plain face so I naturally loved it.

Somewhere among the lines we meet Xiaxue. Before? After? Who knows and I really don't care. So I use to watch her clicknetwork show because I liked how she put on falsies and did her makeup (sorry you sour pusses who want to do their make-up all fancy like with brushes and crud) And lets face it, Wendy knows how to make people laugh. So the first time today I read her blog and I was like I could do that and beat her at her own game. So I went back and took a look at my old blog that was gathering dust. I deleted everything and now here we are ....  Another blogger you really don't care about

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