Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Resolution

I'm sorry I've been redoing my layout so much and blogging so much wtf. I have a break so let me use the most of it despite my oh so boring life.  So I'm going to go through things I want to do next year

1. Redo my wardrobe
My wardrobe is so effing bare and unstylish wtf. I need a new one.

 2. Redo my room too. Must do a Liz- Lisa extreme cheat.

3. Get Eyelash Extentions- fuck do my lashes every day. It's only $30 in upstate york.

4.Get my nails more, I suck at doing them myself. 

5.Get a steady and large income. Without exaggeration, I make averagely $30 bi-monthly. That's enough to buy new pair of contacts...

6. Lose some..... *cough* a lot of weight. Since I'll be traveling south next year I need a bikini body. 

7. Get my license. I'm sick of running for the bus and having to deal with stupid taxi drivers

8. Publish a book I began working on --- Grounded for Life 

9. Be fashionable everyday ---> no more lazyness

10. Party more often, I can't dance but its 2012 who a gives a fuck anymore? 

11.  Open a chase account, since they already taken over the world, I'll just go with the flow


 Yup that's it on my resolution that will probably fail. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A ton of rants and photos

So the typical day of my life contains me being at home alone (I wished) staring blankly at my computer screen with my nappy mess called hair and a bathrobe on. I read a lot of Xiaxue believe it or not (even though she hates me and blocked me on twitter =c ) and spend most of my day on an empty stomach (despite me being fat). Yada yada average life of a manga reading nerd.

I entered my room, took a look around and stepped out. My room is fugly that it makes me not want to clean it. Ugly green paint and mix-matching furniture and small as hell. Hopefully I will get some money this year to make my room liz-lisa style. 
 Evil #1 and #2 manged to drag me to the mall so I decided to camwhore while we there. I was attempting to do a bombshell look. Lmao this photo desperately need photoshop!  My hair is so hideaous my roots were all nappy and my sideburns were super long.

I took them to theaters  to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks (which was super hilarious but super underdone). We got into the movies late and we ended up getting the worst seats. All the way in the front. The worst part is that there was seats all the way at the top. 2 seats and a seat in between 2 couples. I politely asked a couple to move one seat down so we could all fit in but that arse rudely said no. 
The evil ones had me indulge in Wendy's. So many calories omg!

 Death in between 2 buns
                                                         Diabetes in a cup *sob*

Me shamelessly posing in the bathroom wtf.  This brings me to another rant. Girls, I hate it when there is piss on the toilet seat. No one with intellect sits on toilet seats in public bathroom but its still nasty to see your damn piss on the effing seat. If you don't have good aim, do us all a favor: Put up the seat, then squat and aim. In stupid people terms: U NO AIM,  PUT SEAT UP
 Evil  #1 got caught in a surprise pic hehe payback.
                             A pic with the infamous Concords that thousands of people up for. Did anyone not notice they were ugly?


                                                                            HELLO KITTY

Pretty fresh sneaks even though I would never wear them. Too much of a girly girl wtf.
                               Swarovski store ----> if only I could afford it  =c
                                                         The only thing that interest me in the apple store.

Vicky's closed that must mean I have to go home.

The night was topped up when the taxi we were taking ran out of gas on the highway and we were stuck there for a half-hour. Um excuse me, what retard of taxi driver lack the common  sense to idk NOT REMEMBER TO PUT IN GAS.

I hope everyone else have better days then I do.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finally have a camera

 So for Christmas this year, I got the Kodak Easyshare.  It's an okay camera and it beat my crappy phone pictures on so many levels. Though the flash is kinda a wasted feature. It's too harsh and makes me look like a troll! (Well I already do). So I already tossed that feature. 2 of the pictures have a grainy background cuz I photoshopped the light onto the pics.
 Wtf is up with the weather. No snow at all this christmas! Yet it snowed in Texas! W.E at least I'm only cold ---> not cold and wet :)
Eww grainy pics...( The eyes are PSed by the way). I'll reduce noise next time. This time I'm tooooo lazy
                                      Aww pretty smile was  ruined by grainy by grainy texture boo-hooo.  Anyway the Kodak easyshare has 14 megapixels and has video recording capabilities, its only flaw is the fact it doesn't have filters or anything. It is really meant to take pics on the go. Since I'm not use to taking pics with a real camera, any advice for me?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Awards Dinner

So now that I fixed up up my blog it's time to blog a little bit.

So as you guys know I am a band geek. This year was my second to last Awards Dinner I attended. So super emotional. Oh, you guys don't know what the Award Dinner is lol. So every year the marching band has a little end of the year get together and give out a little appreciation to members who are graduating and member who just came in.
For everyone (but seniors) the night was a black and white affair.
I omitted almost all the white in my outfit.
Mymichelle dress
Charlotte Rouse Blazer
Accesories: Icings

Beware that the next couple of pics were taken with crappy cameras!
 Still posing in the bathroom wtf.
              Oh my, I made this face just to show my makeup.
Not that my makeup was any pretty
The table set up. Our dinner took place at an Italian restaurant, Casa Mia. It was an okay restaurant.  That trophy on that table was for me. *cough* LOL
This pic looks super artistic lmao.... or rather super pixalated lol. This was a camwhore with our graduating senior, Tony and my besty Evelyn 
  The super cute (or rather swagged) color guard girls.
Me camwhoring with Evelyn again. I think we did a lot of that.
2 of the graduating seniors posing up a storm. Yes their poses were intentional. On the left is Matt and the right is Tony again.
From right to left Mayia, Frances, and Katy.
 My lovely  Seragine and Ariana
 This pic was super blurry but I guess it looks very artistic. Idc, I still like it.

Well that's all to my photolog! Well Merry Christmas to the Eastern half of the world.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The King of Queens

Thanks for the article from Jared Whitaker
King of Queens is another one of those shows, like Friends it is almost always on direct tv when I get home from work. It is a show starring Kevin James and Leah Rimini and it ran from 1998-2007. It is funny to watch what they were wearing when you see one of the shows from 19998, and we thought the eighties were a bad time for hair styles. Carrie, Leah Rimini’s character, wears he bangs rather large in some of those episodes. The show is about a couple with no children who live in the New York/New Jersey area. They never get specific on where they really live so I am guess on proximity. Kevin James’ character works for a company that is startlingly like UPS although it is called something different and Carrie works for different places as the show progresses. Another thing to up the ante on the comedy is that Carrie’s father lives in their basement. Carrie’s father is played by Jerry Stiller who you would know from Seinfeld among other things. Just having this man as a part of the show makes for some good jokes.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


First off here is a few pics from a failed projects of mine;
                                                             My friend, Eli was acting as a model

                                I o.d on the photoshop on this particular picture that I looked super young
This needed way more photoshop-- I was trying to look sexy eww

Just so you know that I'm not a lazy blogger. I start a thousand mini-projects and most if not all end up in failure.  On the plus-side they are pretty good photoshoped since all these pictures were taken with a 1.3 mp camera (I know I didn't even know 1.3 even existed). I'm always working on new projects with this blog but the hard part is making a successful and good post. I have so many posts in my drafts that are up for deletion. It's hard writing a good blog post without a good camera, natural beauty, or an exciting life.  Plus I hate mainstream topics. No one gives a f about most of them anyway.
I did introduce Kemme on my blog  She has a fashion niche, which is cool. But my blog isn't really about fashion. It's about anything and it's by far not a photolog. Photos don't make the substance; they are supplements to the words.
 Here are projects that I'll guarantee to do before the end of the year.


Blog Layout 



Youtube is by far the hardest. The minute I get on camera I have no clue what I want to say anymore. I blank out and I have nothing worth saying.  I'll get there eventually.  For the blog layout, I want to be able to have a photo of the moment bar or some sort of tumblr connection.  I also want to get some professional pictures done.  I'll re-do the banner to have me the starring picture and have little images around the website. But I have little idea how should I wear my makeup or how to dress for the shoot.

I'm almost done with my Twitter and Tumblr project. Tumblr just need a few tweaks to the navigational bar but twitter itself needs a lot of work.  So in the meantime while I'm still working on this blog you can follow me on twitter (and I do follow back) or tumblr.

Thanks for reading this post basically about nothing. Lol --- XOXOXO LOVE & KISSES

Friday, December 2, 2011


Do you know what I see in this picture? I see woman doing a job. It's not an easy job.  I can never understand people who are attracted to a career in nursing. I, personally, know I could deal with the long stressful hours or simply touching people. It's a job for people with a heart; something I don't have.  Everything grosses me too so I'll probably just faint alot on the job.
Another  reason I could never do the job is because they have to wear such inexpressive clothing. They have to wear SCRUBS! A plain clothed garment that shows no individual freedom more than the difference of colors. I mean it is necessary; those nurse dresses from 1970s don't really cut for all the running they do or for male nurses.
Can imagine men wearing this? Lol
 But nurses make the most of it. Their love for their job surpasses their personal fancies.  Blueskyscrubs tries to give people in the medical field who wear scrubs a nice variety  of fashionable scrubs wear.  Better; they provide scrubs for cheap. Their scrubs are good enough to make a heartless scrooge like me consider nursing as a career path.