Monday, January 31, 2011

Gyaru in the west and in the east

What I really hate that we westerners always trying to make rules about gyaru. Like wtf as far as I am aware these rules don't exist. Let me set up example that I read about the most.

#1: Gyaru must be supper thin. We  must model type shapes. If you want to be fat go join Lolitas.

Um excuse me who the heck made you all high and mighty to say that we all must be thin. We all have different body types. Men in general prefer a woman with meat on her bones. Men have declared that they like women with a little bit of love handles the best. The women you see in Gyaru magazines are Models! Do you know what that means?  They are suppose to be thin! They are size zero! You know why? So they can fit into any clothes without difficulty!  In the U.S yes their is a becoming more of a variety of sizes in magazines but even here most models are size 0. In Japan and everywhere else their is women with various shapes. If you google ( gyaru (must be in kanji ギャル for accurate results)  you'll see gyaru (mostly models)  but you'll find a few of average size girls. However Japan is a very healthy society and they actually have a law against obesity. Most women are thin. Doesn't mean you have to be. Though I don't condone obesity. Seriously I had gained a lot of weight at one point and was near overweight (by statistic) and I worked my but off to stay in the healthy zone of my bmi. Not because to be gyaru you must be thin. Never, I just rather not have health risks

#2 If you don't have pale skin naturally you can't be gyaru
I hate it the most when people say that.  A japanese person should tell them "If your not Japanese  you can't be gyaru."  You know why they open their arms for us to wear their style? Because American styles suck! So if you want to be races I can call up a japanese person and tell you can't be gyaru because your not japanese. And besides the point; most gyarus have tans so where does skin color come to play here?
#3 If you don't do this or that you are not gyaru
Gyaru is about charisma! It wasn't made to look like a clone of other people. So everyone has their own twist on it, that's how new styles are made and that's how gyaru keeps on getting bigger and has lasted more than a decade. So don't tell people who they are or not because they changed up one thing! Worry about your own damn self.
And that's end of my little post. Haters read it and fix your damn attitudes.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Adding Subscriber thing

Since I have been getting lots of good amount of constant  viewing I am finally adding a subscriber bar.  I haven't added a subscriber bar before because I was like what if I had very few subscribers. I would look like a no subscriber loser so  I just got over my fear. So subscribe so I don't look like a no subscriber loser!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Geo Angel Blue Circle Lens

So I bought these lens from It wasn't my intention to truly buy from there but it came to it when because I hate waiting long times and I need prescription lens. Now I'm going to tell you don't do what I stupidly did. Becuz my eyes are really bad and I was too  cheap to go get a doctor prescription I just picked whatever prescription they had in stock. Luckily I scored within my eye range but yesterday I got so scared to go to sleep because my eyes still felt like it had contacts in it (I was disillusion)  and I kept freaking out and getting all worked up and then I finally concluded my eyes were just dry. And when I woke up my eyes weren't red (that would mean I would need to go to hospital) and my eyes were just really dry. So I decided to not put them on until my eyes lubricated by themselves since I haven't bought eye drops yet.

Any way ratings
For me this might of been my own problem. My left eye couldn't feel it while right could feel the contacts but the problem is since I am always squinting I needed to open my eyes wider. My eyes are slightly asymmetrical and only I can notice it- even my own mother never noticed- so I anticipated it.  The longer I wore the contacts the less I squinted and the more comfort I felt.
Color and Design
I knew going in that the color is really dark but maybe because my house is really dim that I could only see the blue after turning every light I could. People usually  don't notice the eyes at first either at school (well it was a very dim day anyway.... people do tend to notice more nowadays probably because they already know it was blue)  I haven't tried it in sunlight yet so idk yet I might change my rating.  These two pictures really had inspired me to buy angel blue
Aren't they an adorable couple. oh la la. By the way, did you see that guy in Chick Vs Chick Stiletto Mascara Challenge at 2:56. HOT! Well not super hot but I usually don't notice asian guys so he looks good and muscular too me. That couple look good together they should get matching circle lenses too. 
And this picture looked so good and I (a heterosexual girl) was like damn I wished I look like her.  Well maybe once I learn how to use photoshop properly.
It really does enlarges my eyes. It gives a pretty angel look without any make-up. 

Anyway some pics!

Sorry my make-up looks really really bad uneven because I had a lot of fall and I don't use photoshop as you know.  Plus I bought my camera from china and the quality isn't the best.  Sigh,  and no I'm not wearing any gal makeup, didn't have time to put on this morning.  Lol I think my cheeks look really fat in the last pic and don't know why.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Falsies Mascara and Random Talk

So my once beautiful face has been getting prematurely old and ugly so I went to buy liquid foundation and falsies mascara and I  just got them today and I fell in love with the Maybelline the Falsies Mascara, You can do a natural long lashes look or you can keep going until you have a complete false lashes look (but it takes quite a while and very hard to take off) and I am so done with fake lashes. I already had several bad experiences with fakies so I stopped (what a gyaru poser I am). This is sorta expired me to read GALS! again (I read it once a long long time ago) as well as this video;
It was ugh to glamorous.  And now I watch this video all the time....

On another note I also was rereading Naruto and I came to some sorta of realization NARUTO IS A BITCH; STOP CRYING ALL THE TIME UNLESS ITS SERIOUS. You ever got so pissed off when someone started crying in the manga and your like  "DON'T BITCH".  Lol I get too absorbed...

Someone was asking for photos of me and I keep saying IN DUE TIME! I am waiting for a day I look somewhat good and then I'll post pictures for all the reviews. I am basically done with them all, all I need is pictures!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The list things I have to review

I'm going to write of the list of things I need to review as a reminder and their due dates! I put my reviews everywhere where reviews are acceptable (gaiaonline, youtube, here, slatedroid forums etc) So sponsor me for a review (sadly I have no sponsors as of yet ;'(). Seriously though I don't do my blog for the money,. I have made no money off this blog.  I do it becuz I like to write. Reviews that I did are in green,, reviews I didn't do are in red. Reviews that are done and are just waiting on picture are in orange.

Anyways my reviews to-do list.
 The Flytouch Epad- 
                                                                Video// Written
             Geo Angel Blue Lens from Geo Candy Eyes
 Super Kawaii cute picture by the way
                                       Video/ Written
                Pandawill's Blackberry Look- alike
You'll be surprised at the price and features. My pics won't be so great since I blinged my's out very ugly like.
                                                       Video/ Written
       Chinese 96 eyeshadow palette

                        Video/ Written
Maybelline Volum Express Falsies

                               Video/ Written
Kiss NY  i- Envy Mascara
Nice price
                    Video/ Written
Mattese N.Y.C Eye Drama Liquid

                         Video/ Written

So the next 2-3 weeks will be packed with review after review . And finally nice not blurry pictures.   I repeat I am not sponsored for these items these are just my opinion.

Where the line is drawn with make-up and cosmetic surgery

So this topic has been debated recently so I want to my put my two sense in . If you wear make-up you have no right to say that people who get plastic surgery is wrong. I personally don't have any cosmetic surgery but I understand people do it and I don't judge them.
So you get up in the morning and you think to yourself, ooo I look ugly let me fix that quick. Put on whatever you put on, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, etc. Did you not just change how god or whomever you (or don't)  believe in created you?   Why do you do it?  Because you like looking good.  Therefore there is no line drawn

Now for all you people who say real  beauty comes from within..... A COMPLETE LOAD of CRAP. Beauty is when you look in the mirror and you are happy with what you see. If you think your ugly than change and make yourself happy.  Just don't go to far.

For Michael Jackson (R.I.P) case in example of taking it too far:
 Here is before anything was done to himself.
 This he worked on himself and he looks hot and he should of stop right here.
 Then he took  it to far (bless his sole) but he really should of stop .

Nice example of doing plastic surgery and it working right.
She was pretty before, I admit that. But now she's still pretty and she is happy with herself.   That what makes beauty. Beauty is happyness and living a happy life.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looks super bad

Really bad banner. Yeah I know.... it started off good then I trashed it lol. I'll fix it with due time with a cutsie picture.
I have so many cool topics to write about so I'll be writing just about everyday =D and I'm working on to beam the site with awesome pictures. Also some videos. As of right now I have no pictures except the bad ones I tried to make look nice in the banner fml.  It looks so hideous but at least it pops out right?  
 FML It's hideous

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Need an opinion

I honestly need more pictures which I am working on but what else should I put on here? I think I need to pump on the design and what's with the no comment passerbyers? Don't be a creeper leave a comment!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lil Kim Vs Nicki Minaj Nonsense

Okay I respect both artist but this whole beef thing is not only a publicity stunt and stupid but I wanted to say some stuff to flame the fire... Lol but seriously keep reading. 

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj raps are uniquely her own so thats not the problem.  It's her style. She cannot deny she did the classic leg spread that was Lil Kim's.  In fact many of her underground pictures  were similar to Lil Kim. But she was underground and just trying to rise. That shouldn't count right?
Okay so the famous Nicki Minaj the more she had to try to create her own identity.  She dropped most of all the Lil Kim and other female rappers that she sorta copied and try to make her own identity. Now at this point of time everyone claims to the Black Barbie. She wanted the barbie image but not be connected to all the black barbie claimers. She decided she would be the Harajuku Barbie but Nicki is at fault for not constantly reaffirming that Harajuku Barbie status but rather in her raps simply claim to be Barbie. This makes critics go after her crazy fashion sense and  hater talks because she forgets the Harajuku part.
The harajuku style she goes for is very Harajuku style and because she claims to be Barbie  people keep sayin "Wow, I don't think a barbie would ever wear that." Of course Barbie wouldn't wear. She isn't Asian. Harajuku Barbie however would,  So everyone constantly compares her to Lil Kim who always wore the crazy hair colors. If Nicki's main wig was the Black and pink constantly we wouldn't be having this conversation. The constant color changes make people remember Lil Kim. 
But oh well they can't take back time all  Nicki can do is keep rocking what she does and ignore all the haters
Seriously are you a grown woman or not. To be taking jabs at a rookie like a little kid making fun of the the new kid at school. Wow... And to take even further with  "Black Friday went deep, deeper then necessary. This is assumed to be in response to ?Roman's Revenege which from listening closely wasn't talking about Lil Kim it was talking about everyone who keeps jabbing at her.
I will admit that Lil Kim will always be one of the best at what she does but pushing things this far for publicity or because of real beef, lowers that status. Seriously if you want to be in the lime light again then drop a damn album.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My thoughts on Xiaxue

So I thought I would talk about Wendy Cheng because she had a recent revival among haters with the Michelle Phan thing and I've been thinking oh my god, people get a freakin life.

 So I always watched her Guide's to Life interesting episodes and never bother to read her blog. I only read it recently and it's pretty good. She has personality. Then I've read the hate posts and I was like get off her cock and let her rock.

Okay I agree she looked better with her natural hair color but do you guys tell all the countless gyaru make-up wearer they put on more make-up then a clown? Do you  tell Kim Kardashian to stop with all her make-up? No, you let em rock (except all those no life losers).

Okay the photoshoping thing. She photoshops.... wow.... like no one else in the world doesn't do the same damn thing. She isn't ugly or is she fat. As far as I seen from the guide is she is short so she must work the hardest to keep her weight off and she does this rather successfully.

As for her blog. She is famous is she not. You just wish you were famous and your blog was the number one most read. Meh, people these days.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

So I read the KFDA approval and I jumped on it

 I was reading the KFDA approvals and I decided okay I will buy circle lens

Me looking very ugly no  make up and no photoshop. I don't photoshop cuz I don't own photoshop unlike most bloggers. So I decided to look into circle lens. I need prescription and I can't help but think how much better looking I would look with fake lashes, clircle lens, bangs and some concealer. Maybe some photoshop to get rid of those fat cheeks lol.

In my picture my eyes don't look that asian do they. FYI I have no asian blood as I am aware of but everyone says I have chinky eyes.