Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Falsies Mascara and Random Talk

So my once beautiful face has been getting prematurely old and ugly so I went to buy liquid foundation and falsies mascara and I  just got them today and I fell in love with the Maybelline the Falsies Mascara, You can do a natural long lashes look or you can keep going until you have a complete false lashes look (but it takes quite a while and very hard to take off) and I am so done with fake lashes. I already had several bad experiences with fakies so I stopped (what a gyaru poser I am). This is sorta expired me to read GALS! again (I read it once a long long time ago) as well as this video;
It was ugh to glamorous.  And now I watch this video all the time....

On another note I also was rereading Naruto and I came to some sorta of realization NARUTO IS A BITCH; STOP CRYING ALL THE TIME UNLESS ITS SERIOUS. You ever got so pissed off when someone started crying in the manga and your like  "DON'T BITCH".  Lol I get too absorbed...

Someone was asking for photos of me and I keep saying IN DUE TIME! I am waiting for a day I look somewhat good and then I'll post pictures for all the reviews. I am basically done with them all, all I need is pictures!!

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