Monday, January 24, 2011

Geo Angel Blue Circle Lens

So I bought these lens from It wasn't my intention to truly buy from there but it came to it when because I hate waiting long times and I need prescription lens. Now I'm going to tell you don't do what I stupidly did. Becuz my eyes are really bad and I was too  cheap to go get a doctor prescription I just picked whatever prescription they had in stock. Luckily I scored within my eye range but yesterday I got so scared to go to sleep because my eyes still felt like it had contacts in it (I was disillusion)  and I kept freaking out and getting all worked up and then I finally concluded my eyes were just dry. And when I woke up my eyes weren't red (that would mean I would need to go to hospital) and my eyes were just really dry. So I decided to not put them on until my eyes lubricated by themselves since I haven't bought eye drops yet.

Any way ratings
For me this might of been my own problem. My left eye couldn't feel it while right could feel the contacts but the problem is since I am always squinting I needed to open my eyes wider. My eyes are slightly asymmetrical and only I can notice it- even my own mother never noticed- so I anticipated it.  The longer I wore the contacts the less I squinted and the more comfort I felt.
Color and Design
I knew going in that the color is really dark but maybe because my house is really dim that I could only see the blue after turning every light I could. People usually  don't notice the eyes at first either at school (well it was a very dim day anyway.... people do tend to notice more nowadays probably because they already know it was blue)  I haven't tried it in sunlight yet so idk yet I might change my rating.  These two pictures really had inspired me to buy angel blue
Aren't they an adorable couple. oh la la. By the way, did you see that guy in Chick Vs Chick Stiletto Mascara Challenge at 2:56. HOT! Well not super hot but I usually don't notice asian guys so he looks good and muscular too me. That couple look good together they should get matching circle lenses too. 
And this picture looked so good and I (a heterosexual girl) was like damn I wished I look like her.  Well maybe once I learn how to use photoshop properly.
It really does enlarges my eyes. It gives a pretty angel look without any make-up. 

Anyway some pics!

Sorry my make-up looks really really bad uneven because I had a lot of fall and I don't use photoshop as you know.  Plus I bought my camera from china and the quality isn't the best.  Sigh,  and no I'm not wearing any gal makeup, didn't have time to put on this morning.  Lol I think my cheeks look really fat in the last pic and don't know why.

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