Monday, January 31, 2011

Gyaru in the west and in the east

What I really hate that we westerners always trying to make rules about gyaru. Like wtf as far as I am aware these rules don't exist. Let me set up example that I read about the most.

#1: Gyaru must be supper thin. We  must model type shapes. If you want to be fat go join Lolitas.

Um excuse me who the heck made you all high and mighty to say that we all must be thin. We all have different body types. Men in general prefer a woman with meat on her bones. Men have declared that they like women with a little bit of love handles the best. The women you see in Gyaru magazines are Models! Do you know what that means?  They are suppose to be thin! They are size zero! You know why? So they can fit into any clothes without difficulty!  In the U.S yes their is a becoming more of a variety of sizes in magazines but even here most models are size 0. In Japan and everywhere else their is women with various shapes. If you google ( gyaru (must be in kanji ギャル for accurate results)  you'll see gyaru (mostly models)  but you'll find a few of average size girls. However Japan is a very healthy society and they actually have a law against obesity. Most women are thin. Doesn't mean you have to be. Though I don't condone obesity. Seriously I had gained a lot of weight at one point and was near overweight (by statistic) and I worked my but off to stay in the healthy zone of my bmi. Not because to be gyaru you must be thin. Never, I just rather not have health risks

#2 If you don't have pale skin naturally you can't be gyaru
I hate it the most when people say that.  A japanese person should tell them "If your not Japanese  you can't be gyaru."  You know why they open their arms for us to wear their style? Because American styles suck! So if you want to be races I can call up a japanese person and tell you can't be gyaru because your not japanese. And besides the point; most gyarus have tans so where does skin color come to play here?
#3 If you don't do this or that you are not gyaru
Gyaru is about charisma! It wasn't made to look like a clone of other people. So everyone has their own twist on it, that's how new styles are made and that's how gyaru keeps on getting bigger and has lasted more than a decade. So don't tell people who they are or not because they changed up one thing! Worry about your own damn self.
And that's end of my little post. Haters read it and fix your damn attitudes.


  1. very well said. I am plus sized due to a very serious medical condition but have managed to loose 100lbs! I STILL HAVE 80LBS more to go but I love gyaru fashion. I dont consider myself Gyaru but I adore the fashion. However looking at the secrets makes the Gyaru community look very ugly in the inside. OH and I am latina so I am Tan!

  2. I agree...pretty does not mean one has to be think and "perfect". Anyone should be able to have their own style and still be "in". At one point i had also fallen into the thought that I had to follow all that American trends said was cool in order to be cool myself but i realize now that I'm great as my own self. =)