Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lil Kim Vs Nicki Minaj Nonsense

Okay I respect both artist but this whole beef thing is not only a publicity stunt and stupid but I wanted to say some stuff to flame the fire... Lol but seriously keep reading. 

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj raps are uniquely her own so thats not the problem.  It's her style. She cannot deny she did the classic leg spread that was Lil Kim's.  In fact many of her underground pictures  were similar to Lil Kim. But she was underground and just trying to rise. That shouldn't count right?
Okay so the famous Nicki Minaj the more she had to try to create her own identity.  She dropped most of all the Lil Kim and other female rappers that she sorta copied and try to make her own identity. Now at this point of time everyone claims to the Black Barbie. She wanted the barbie image but not be connected to all the black barbie claimers. She decided she would be the Harajuku Barbie but Nicki is at fault for not constantly reaffirming that Harajuku Barbie status but rather in her raps simply claim to be Barbie. This makes critics go after her crazy fashion sense and  hater talks because she forgets the Harajuku part.
The harajuku style she goes for is very Harajuku style and because she claims to be Barbie  people keep sayin "Wow, I don't think a barbie would ever wear that." Of course Barbie wouldn't wear. She isn't Asian. Harajuku Barbie however would,  So everyone constantly compares her to Lil Kim who always wore the crazy hair colors. If Nicki's main wig was the Black and pink constantly we wouldn't be having this conversation. The constant color changes make people remember Lil Kim. 
But oh well they can't take back time all  Nicki can do is keep rocking what she does and ignore all the haters
Seriously are you a grown woman or not. To be taking jabs at a rookie like a little kid making fun of the the new kid at school. Wow... And to take even further with  "Black Friday went deep, deeper then necessary. This is assumed to be in response to ?Roman's Revenege which from listening closely wasn't talking about Lil Kim it was talking about everyone who keeps jabbing at her.
I will admit that Lil Kim will always be one of the best at what she does but pushing things this far for publicity or because of real beef, lowers that status. Seriously if you want to be in the lime light again then drop a damn album.


  1. Nicki GARBAJ!!!!!, is terrible!!! She has no skills and her raps are complete nonsense. People who buy her music dont know what real hip hop music is and probally never will. Hip Hop is so mainstream today, hopefully someone will make a half decent record soon. It is actually very depressing. No one gives a @@@@ about your money, clothes, sex, and drugs. Tell a story like a real MC. Its a shame that real MC's cant even sell records anymore because people promote this garbage buy purchasing this bull@@@@!

  2. Okay so nicki is the only rapper that raps about nothin?? Please, like lil wayne hasn't rapped about random stuff either. If you haven't heard other rappers they rap about the same random shit that has no meaning either. This is not all the time though but there are at least one song that every rapper has made that makes no damn sense. So please don't get all worked up; rap is rap, dont get it twisted