Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egg Snap Shots and Buys

This pic is accidentally extra long. Sorry... Am I the only one who noticed this girl looks a bit western? Maybe it's the nose. Plus I noticed her before in Popteen.  Remember I'm not good with faces so this girl is something. If you can manage to navigate around this pic you'll find  some stles and steals.

Yesstyle $45 and up may find cheaper buys if you know how to look
Your best bet is ebay but your ebay rule of thumb is to buy off season at arounf $35
Faux-Fur Leopard Print Jacket Yes style $118
PUFFY - Faux-Fur Leopard Print Jacket
I saw this one in Egg Magazine but forgot to get a clip
Yesstyle  $43.40

A cute jacket I acctually been wanting to buy myself.
Faux-Fur Hooded Jacket $38. 40 Yesstyle
Faux-Fur Trim Hooded Coat$45 Yesstyle and I think
Faux-Fur Hooded Jacket $52 Yesstyle
Faux-Fur Trim Hooded Coat $85 Yesstyle

Ebay: $16

I think I'll make a western buying guide too <3

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