Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ummm.... okay

I swear sometimes when I talk to people I feel like I say stuff too many bad stuff unintentionally. Especially online.... today was one of those days I really messed up... I forgot twitter isn't like facebook where your convos are public and you can have a group discussion so I messed up big time....T_T 

@ I am sorry I didn't mean to, you don't have to get offensive

Big problem right.  And I am a fan of Xiaxue and I really don't like getting people upset. I part of me is like okay wow someone is on her period but the other side is upset and feels guilty.. The guilty side is the big side. I guess she is mad about all the people talking shit about her jaw and her ass.  But people been saying that for years I guess she's sensitive about her body. OH NO..... now it sounds like I'm bashing rather then feeling guilty...... Oh crap...... I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut. Xiaxue if you ever read this I am sorry sincerely sorry.
Stressed and Tired


  1. I recently started following Xiaxue. Love her blog and her tweets, but yeah - I noticed a lot of her responses are acerbic.

    I'd have to walk on eggshells before replying to her, even if it's unlikely she would respond back.

    Hey! There's one positive in all this: she's a verified account, right? At least you could say you got called out by a celebrity, lol!

  2. lol but it's still kind of scary for someone that famous to get sharp with you, she has enough power with her blog to crush someone. Did you read that post at she basically destroyed the guy's rep

  3. lmao, don't get scared, if you think she was catching feelings, straight up tell her to watch herself.