Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wedding Dresses

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Anyway I  got really interested in wedding gowns after seeing these

I usually don't look at wedding gowns because I really don't think about marriage. I mean daydreamers aren't doers and I rather stay away from my daydream side cuz once I daydream I won't do much. But they are very cute dresses.
Then I saw this dress and got upset. Like alicia keys could buy so much more prettier dresses . Greek style is meant to be worn with cleavage not ugly covering
 I though it was pretty plain for Avril because she has so much of a punk style. But I still like it

I liked these dresses  too.
                But I freaked out when I saw the hello kitty dress. Who in their right mind would go as far and wear this? A hello kitty obsession taken too far. But as a costume? Too goregous

Two tackiest wedding dress I ever seen  if you can call them wedding dresses.. Like come on. Why?  When your kids look back at this you know what they'll say? My mom was a skank.
 So I then google Barbie dresses. Luckily nothing to rash. This is something I would let my bridesmaid wear.
 And an asian theme! So creative! I Like

Cool wedding dresses right? Which one's do you like?


  1. Where did you get the last picture from , the Asian theme'd dress? Because im having a wedding and i don't want the plain old white wedding gown but something silken and flowing that's different.

  2. I'm sorry, but this post was so long ago, I don't remember at all where I found this pic