Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rude Arses

So you know I'm still quite a new blogger. I blog basically things I think about time to time. My grammar isn't the best but I do at very least update daily and try to find interesting topics.
Lately I have been under a lot of fire. I put up a very strong spam filter to keep people from seeing it but people been attacking my LJ too and my email with very rude comments. So I'm going to address these problems
You aren't famous so why do you act like you are
This is where you are wrong. I don't act like I'm famous. I got a good amount of audience so I address them accordingly. It's not like I'm on youtube. If I was on youtube. like so many bloggers are, I would have a larger audience and then you can say I'm trying to act famous. Because I would be.... That doesn't make sense..... Either way, pop off of me
Me vs Xiaxue
There is nothing going on between me and Xiaxue. I open my mouth when I shouldn't have and now she doesn't like me. It's to the point if I comment on her blog with my twitter account she will not approve the message. I bet she does that to a lot of people.  Doesn't change the fact that she still is my favorite blogger. It just teaches people a lesson: When it comes to Xiaxue never say anything about her and plastic surgery even if you mean it in a good way.
The Ads:
This also been associated with me "trying to act famous". It has highly acknowledged that famous bloggers are associated with Nuffnang and make ads. In the U.S it seems to appeal that if you aren't famous you shouldn't be making ad entries. The sad case is unemployment in U.S is high. People need income and another sad case is doing Ads eventually make people famous even if it's not on purpose. If Cheesie and Xiaxue weren't allied with Nuffnang their rise to stardom wouldn't be as big as it is (I'm not sure that accurate becuz they were already big stars before that but I know for a fact Nuffnang made them so much richer ). I'm just trying to get somewhere. I'm not really happy with the agencies I do work with. One pays $4 per post on topics no one cares about. Another only pays 30 days after you post but they have really good topics. Another has not got back to me since I shot down doing a post about kindergarten or something like that (no cares about that). It's really stressful. I really wish Nuffnang  had headquarters in the U.S. I really don't see the problem with trying to make a living but oh well.
You suck at writing
Yea I know I suck. I'm failing English essays because of really improper grammar and lack of sophisticated language. But guess what? I don't care. If I cared I wouldn't be a blogger. 

So those are my biggest problems with people. Stop with the hate comments and the harassment because if I start having to commenting nasty back, their is going to be some problems. Okay? ^__^

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Lately I've been really longing for a lv and a prada bag. I was looking at bluefly and saw this cute little bag.
I've seen girls out with it but they are always fake. I don't like fake. It just shows how little consideration you have the true designer of it. You just want to save a buck so you make a fake designer rich off of knock offs.
And this bag ohlala
I love, love it. Bluefly has a 20% discount on it.  Doesn't mean I'll be able to ever afford it -__-. Ah someday baggie if prices don't skyrocket you will be mine.

Funny if I wasn't watching  project runway I would have never went to and I definitely would not have known that prada sells shoes. I think my favorite is these:
Not fancy looking but timeless. I guess prada shoes are made to last a long time thus so expensive. The average woman must buy a new set of her frequently worn shoes every 2 years or so but I guess prada eliminates the need for excess spending... I think... I'm basing this off the fact my mother has prada shoe from the 80s that still look nice.
I wonder how many people buy from bluefly? I want to buy a bag from them sometime soon and it looks like all prada items are on sale right now.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's up with all these ads?

So lately I have signed deals with several sponsor sites. Simple reason being it's March, I don't got a job and I need something to live off of. Most bloggers do it too. So don't bitch. But usually I will tie it in with my posts and stuff.  And they will be relevant. Trust me you won't even notice it's there. And you may like them. Those two irrelevant posts are just testing out two sponsors for legit check. There might be one more but after that you will bearly ever notice the adds okay. Loves and Peace!

P.S And yes I will do a real post very soon. And before you call me a sell out, there are plenty of bloggers who do this and is how bloggers like Xiaxue and Cheesie make a living.  Remember we are in a recession, one must make ends meet and if one can't make ends meet they must blog!

Canon Satalitte

From a certain somebody (not me):
Cake Decorators
Thanks to Darwin Barton
I think one of the coolest shows on television is "Cake Decorators." This show is featured on the Food Network and is seriously amazing. I love to see this show, and I love seeing the artistic ways that people decorate gorgeous cakes from this show. I watch this show every second I get on my satellite tv from It is a phenomenal show and can teach a person so much in decorating cakes.
On this show, chefs from all across the country compete against one another to decorate cakes in a beautiful way. These chefs decorate cakes using all sorts of decorations. On one episode, the chefs actually had to use fireworks to decorate cakes. It was so interesting to see how chefs used ! fireworks in such creative ways to decorate the cakes on this show. In addition, many of the chefs on this show use fondant in the most fascinating ways too. They are able to color the fondant with gorgeous colors. One of the coolest cakes I have seen decorated on this show had a "fashion" theme to it. The cake was made in the shape of a high heel and was just so much fun. I am always so inspired by watching this show. This show truly inspires me to take a stab at cake decorating and see how beautiful I can make a cake!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Should a dive steam in the unlucky volunteer?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wikki Sticks


So imagine, you have got a new place. The place of your dreams. It's beautiful and polished with white or cream walls, white carpet  and you put every piece of your hard earned money into this place. Then you have a kid. It could be your niece or nephew or even your stepson. They are pretty young and still have problems differing from whats the right to do and what's wrong. Or even worst, they love doing wrong.
Don't be wrong, your child may be an angel in your eyes and you could never make you upset. Well that is until they scribble all over your beautiful wall with a crayon. And let's face it; making him try to be artistic with a crayon doesn't help everyone so I got this idea.
There is a way to help your kid's inner creativity with destroying your home
Why parents love this toy:
  • Easy to travel with, takes almost no room in a suitcase or travel case
  • Can be used as a teaching tool
  • It's safe, endlessly reusable
  • It sticks to each other and almost any smooth surface with just fingertip pressure
  • Great for 3-D activities
  • It's made in the USA
  • The only limits are your children's imaginations
  • Clean up is just a quick wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel
  • They make great gifts or stocking stuffers
Recently I've used whenever I baby-sit and kids just love.They'll sit at the table and play with it for hours. My recommendation is to buy it. Plus you can use it yourself to keep occupied especially on long road trips and the ride is too bumpy to draw or write.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Unique prom dresses

In a year from now I will be thinking about my prom dress. I want to either make it myself or work with a proffesional to learn more about fancy dress making. But I want mine's to be unique. This could be done in several ways.
  • Recreating a dress from an old video
  • Designing an out of the world dress
  • Having a proffesional create your dress
  • Buying over seas 
Buying overseas is helpful. In a surban place like I live in most people go to a major city to buy their dress. For example, NYC. But if over 300 kids go buy a dress in a huge city their is a small chance someone will get the same dress. That's embarassing.  So if you buy overseas you will be safe

 These dresses are from Korea. Lately Korea has really upping their style and getting on top of the fashion world. These dresses are really cute

Indian style has been popular for quite a while now.  The embroidery is really cute and it's a shame that Indians themselves don't usually wear the best of the best of their beautiful embroidery. They usually leave that for other occasions.

 Japanese style prom dress like this one is really unique. How many people will wear this to your prom? That's up to you. And while we are on Japan, gothic lolita?

If that not your style how about vintage?
Vintage dresses are an easy way to stay unique. Let's say your mom had a dress from her prom. The color is pretty but it's

 Now that's scary. So snip snip and make it pretty.

So the dress from an old video.... By 2012 these will be old yet pretty enough to still make you the star on the dance floor

Sorry I really like the helena dress. 
With a little work this could be a prom dress  and guess what? It's vintage =)
After party dress =D
The next few dresses are Prom's don'ts. They are tacky ,hideous and make you look poor and cheap

You didn't have enough money for fabric? Why not just work the corner? Whore.

If you are pregnant get a dress for pregnant people or just stay home. No one want's to see your stomach, they'll just get scared of hurting your fetus. Anyway if you really wanted to go to prom you would of wore a condom or better yet keep your legs closed.

 Now this dress is questionable

 It's cute but easily make you look like your cheap. I say leave it for a less formal occasion.
 Now this just adorable!

For those princesses 

Or you want to be a Cinderella before the ball

 Or you can always be a mermaid

 If you love Harry Potter....

 Now don't you wish you were Chinese