Sunday, March 6, 2011

Unique prom dresses

In a year from now I will be thinking about my prom dress. I want to either make it myself or work with a proffesional to learn more about fancy dress making. But I want mine's to be unique. This could be done in several ways.
  • Recreating a dress from an old video
  • Designing an out of the world dress
  • Having a proffesional create your dress
  • Buying over seas 
Buying overseas is helpful. In a surban place like I live in most people go to a major city to buy their dress. For example, NYC. But if over 300 kids go buy a dress in a huge city their is a small chance someone will get the same dress. That's embarassing.  So if you buy overseas you will be safe

 These dresses are from Korea. Lately Korea has really upping their style and getting on top of the fashion world. These dresses are really cute

Indian style has been popular for quite a while now.  The embroidery is really cute and it's a shame that Indians themselves don't usually wear the best of the best of their beautiful embroidery. They usually leave that for other occasions.

 Japanese style prom dress like this one is really unique. How many people will wear this to your prom? That's up to you. And while we are on Japan, gothic lolita?

If that not your style how about vintage?
Vintage dresses are an easy way to stay unique. Let's say your mom had a dress from her prom. The color is pretty but it's

 Now that's scary. So snip snip and make it pretty.

So the dress from an old video.... By 2012 these will be old yet pretty enough to still make you the star on the dance floor

Sorry I really like the helena dress. 
With a little work this could be a prom dress  and guess what? It's vintage =)
After party dress =D
The next few dresses are Prom's don'ts. They are tacky ,hideous and make you look poor and cheap

You didn't have enough money for fabric? Why not just work the corner? Whore.

If you are pregnant get a dress for pregnant people or just stay home. No one want's to see your stomach, they'll just get scared of hurting your fetus. Anyway if you really wanted to go to prom you would of wore a condom or better yet keep your legs closed.

 Now this dress is questionable

 It's cute but easily make you look like your cheap. I say leave it for a less formal occasion.
 Now this just adorable!

For those princesses 

Or you want to be a Cinderella before the ball

 Or you can always be a mermaid

 If you love Harry Potter....

 Now don't you wish you were Chinese


  1. My niece wants me to buy the japanese dress now lol

  2. do you guys have a store or something?? i need a prom dress by saterday and i live in la.
    please email me