Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rude Arses

So you know I'm still quite a new blogger. I blog basically things I think about time to time. My grammar isn't the best but I do at very least update daily and try to find interesting topics.
Lately I have been under a lot of fire. I put up a very strong spam filter to keep people from seeing it but people been attacking my LJ too and my email with very rude comments. So I'm going to address these problems
You aren't famous so why do you act like you are
This is where you are wrong. I don't act like I'm famous. I got a good amount of audience so I address them accordingly. It's not like I'm on youtube. If I was on youtube. like so many bloggers are, I would have a larger audience and then you can say I'm trying to act famous. Because I would be.... That doesn't make sense..... Either way, pop off of me
Me vs Xiaxue
There is nothing going on between me and Xiaxue. I open my mouth when I shouldn't have and now she doesn't like me. It's to the point if I comment on her blog with my twitter account she will not approve the message. I bet she does that to a lot of people.  Doesn't change the fact that she still is my favorite blogger. It just teaches people a lesson: When it comes to Xiaxue never say anything about her and plastic surgery even if you mean it in a good way.
The Ads:
This also been associated with me "trying to act famous". It has highly acknowledged that famous bloggers are associated with Nuffnang and make ads. In the U.S it seems to appeal that if you aren't famous you shouldn't be making ad entries. The sad case is unemployment in U.S is high. People need income and another sad case is doing Ads eventually make people famous even if it's not on purpose. If Cheesie and Xiaxue weren't allied with Nuffnang their rise to stardom wouldn't be as big as it is (I'm not sure that accurate becuz they were already big stars before that but I know for a fact Nuffnang made them so much richer ). I'm just trying to get somewhere. I'm not really happy with the agencies I do work with. One pays $4 per post on topics no one cares about. Another only pays 30 days after you post but they have really good topics. Another has not got back to me since I shot down doing a post about kindergarten or something like that (no cares about that). It's really stressful. I really wish Nuffnang  had headquarters in the U.S. I really don't see the problem with trying to make a living but oh well.
You suck at writing
Yea I know I suck. I'm failing English essays because of really improper grammar and lack of sophisticated language. But guess what? I don't care. If I cared I wouldn't be a blogger. 

So those are my biggest problems with people. Stop with the hate comments and the harassment because if I start having to commenting nasty back, their is going to be some problems. Okay? ^__^

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