Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wikki Sticks


So imagine, you have got a new place. The place of your dreams. It's beautiful and polished with white or cream walls, white carpet  and you put every piece of your hard earned money into this place. Then you have a kid. It could be your niece or nephew or even your stepson. They are pretty young and still have problems differing from whats the right to do and what's wrong. Or even worst, they love doing wrong.
Don't be wrong, your child may be an angel in your eyes and you could never make you upset. Well that is until they scribble all over your beautiful wall with a crayon. And let's face it; making him try to be artistic with a crayon doesn't help everyone so I got this idea.
There is a way to help your kid's inner creativity with destroying your home
Why parents love this toy:
  • Easy to travel with, takes almost no room in a suitcase or travel case
  • Can be used as a teaching tool
  • It's safe, endlessly reusable
  • It sticks to each other and almost any smooth surface with just fingertip pressure
  • Great for 3-D activities
  • It's made in the USA
  • The only limits are your children's imaginations
  • Clean up is just a quick wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel
  • They make great gifts or stocking stuffers
Recently I've used whenever I baby-sit and kids just love.They'll sit at the table and play with it for hours. My recommendation is to buy it. Plus you can use it yourself to keep occupied especially on long road trips and the ride is too bumpy to draw or write.

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