Saturday, April 16, 2011

Makeup scans Popsister + Egg May 2011

 So here are few scans from Popsister, Egg, and Egg Beauty.  I'm focusing more on makeup right now cuz I don't money to throw around to buy new clothes. Anyway just click images for a larger size.
 The eyeshadows featured in here is Dolly Wink

 I love the eye makeup here. It is only below the crease thus does not make you super crazy looking like this makeup guru wannabe. She has some good videos and is generally a pretty person but the first thing I thought with that video was clown.
Tip the darker the color the finer your cheeks look. Brighter colors for a round face.
 I've seen that palette on Ebay before, It's generally similar to the 96 and 120. I suggest you get the 120 palette, but be warned, it is very pigmented.
 Xiaxue has been seen rocking a similar look.

 I dislike natural looking eyeshadow now. Since gyaru is leaning away from thick lashes and toward natural lashes I skip falsies and bump my lashes with falsies mascara. It gives the same look generally. But eyes won't pop without eyeshadow.
Pink is very popular this spring so wear plenty of it =D

Some camwhore pics san Photoshop.... well I added light to the pics but thats it.  You can't get good lighting like your use to anymore?

 Now You may wonder why I'm camwhoring in a bathroom simple reason. I saw a mirror lol
Half-smiles? Not cute it makes me look like lopsided dumpling lol. But I guess anything that looks like a dumpling is cute c:
Showing my eyeshadow, even though after a long day I had way messed it up.

I feel bad because Xiaxue has such professional photos and mine.... look like kiddy photos..... sigh.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Makeup Tutorials

Something on youtube got me mad.
 Yes, she is entitled to her opinion.

No, I do not like her opinion.
Reason being is she is not a high school kid or no longer near that age. She does not about teen trends anymore. For example the classic powder and eyeliner is an age old thing. Who just wears that anymore? Teens without time wear that. She claims teens shouldn't eyeshadow. Most teens are insecure people. Everyone is insecure when they are a teen. Brave teens begin to experiment with makeup as a way to stand out and not be so insecure. Eyeshadow is like painting to me. It's mixing different colors around to make a masterpiece. So for someone to say to I shouldn't use eyeshadow is like telling Picaso he shouldn't paint. I don't want someone like her spoiling the minds of young artists. So hopefully soon I'll start making eyeshadow tutorials to make simple looks for teen and college people on the go.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Combining Blogspot and Tumblr

I came to the decision to combine my blog with tumblr because tumbr has perk of more attention compare to blogspot. I will continue posting on my blog but I'll be focusing improving my tumblr and getting followers over there. Hopefully everything I post here will double over there and gives me less work.
My decision came from the help of a friend. She's a major a social media person and she said blogspots aren't as popular as they use to be. I mean everyone wants to be read. But I still have a few perks at blogspot. So combining them will save most of my troubles. Not everyone has a tumblr and many people have a gmail so I guess a balance will be met if I keep both webspaces.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm back wit a super long post

So I have neglecting my blog because I was performing in a musical called Guys and Dolls. 
Thar's our t-shirt with the #foreveralone like face. As you can tell from "Le Pit"; I was in the pit orchestra.  I can't sing or dance,  all I can do realistic acting (I've been told). And honestly I only joined so I could see the show for free #cheapstake. But I now realized I should of just paid the $8 for the show vs.  2 weeks of hard work and $12 for a t-shirt, But I can't say it wasn't fun. But one thing for sure the music was really hard and  the 3 other violinist and I were like deers caught in the spotlight with our solos. All of us don't like playing without the accompaniment of louder instruments.  Like FML almost all our solos were given to piano cuz we were mad scared. Like the day before the show was when we got our act together. The damn celloist made us all look bad because he played the best and  a male.
 My violin and a viola.
One of the 8 hour rehearsals. My hair made me look like I had a uni-brow.
As you know taking pictures was the last thing on my mind until the last day. I couldn't take pictures during the show cuz I was in the usually playing during the best scenes.

 Last day means camwhore!!! Likey my brand new grey contacts
 Our Adelaide!

 The super cool actress who should of gotten a larger role but she get leads in so many thespian organizations.
 The dancers/ strippers of our play.  Unlike other plays, they actually strip.

 A blurry pic of one trumpet player being attacked lmao.

And that's the end of this segment but there is more

Nudy Grey Contacts review!
 No flash
Design: 10
Comfort: 8
Enlargement: 7
The design is awsome and I love the halo effect.  My friends find the halo effect creepy. My fellow pit orchestra mates find the contacts weird but not creepy.
Comfort is what typical of geo series.
Enlargement is low because my friend says that my blue ones look larger and that's probably because of  the black rim. I personally like the enlargement. But it looks too much like regular contacts.
I really don't these pics that much because it makes me look like Ice Princess when she still had baby fat. There is nothing wrong with baby fat but I don't  want to look like other people.