Saturday, April 16, 2011

Makeup scans Popsister + Egg May 2011

 So here are few scans from Popsister, Egg, and Egg Beauty.  I'm focusing more on makeup right now cuz I don't money to throw around to buy new clothes. Anyway just click images for a larger size.
 The eyeshadows featured in here is Dolly Wink

 I love the eye makeup here. It is only below the crease thus does not make you super crazy looking like this makeup guru wannabe. She has some good videos and is generally a pretty person but the first thing I thought with that video was clown.
Tip the darker the color the finer your cheeks look. Brighter colors for a round face.
 I've seen that palette on Ebay before, It's generally similar to the 96 and 120. I suggest you get the 120 palette, but be warned, it is very pigmented.
 Xiaxue has been seen rocking a similar look.

 I dislike natural looking eyeshadow now. Since gyaru is leaning away from thick lashes and toward natural lashes I skip falsies and bump my lashes with falsies mascara. It gives the same look generally. But eyes won't pop without eyeshadow.
Pink is very popular this spring so wear plenty of it =D

Some camwhore pics san Photoshop.... well I added light to the pics but thats it.  You can't get good lighting like your use to anymore?

 Now You may wonder why I'm camwhoring in a bathroom simple reason. I saw a mirror lol
Half-smiles? Not cute it makes me look like lopsided dumpling lol. But I guess anything that looks like a dumpling is cute c:
Showing my eyeshadow, even though after a long day I had way messed it up.

I feel bad because Xiaxue has such professional photos and mine.... look like kiddy photos..... sigh.


  1. Nice, bu t it could be more gal

  2. Just because gal mags are leaning away from thick lashes doesn't mean you shouldn't wear lashes at all. Your makeup is cute but not gyaru. and mascara will never give you the same look as wearing false lashes. Remember you're not supposed to follow magazines to a T there just there to guide you through the trends:)

  3. Were you trying to copy the make up in the scans?

  4. I may be a begginer/ameatur gyaru myself but there are somethings that I'vepicked up through personal experience and have learned. 1) Lashes are a must. TRUST ME when I say this. I used to think that layering mascara was fine but once you wear lashes, it makes a huge difference. Bottoms too. Or atleast use a lot of mascara on your bottom lashes. 2)Contour&Highlight; make up in general. It doesn't look like you have any on but from what I can tell you have really nice skin so that should be easier for you to do but it is a must as well. 3)Eyes; Eyeliner is a definite must. Whether it be thick or thin, droopy or cat, eyeliner is a must as with lashes like I already mentioned. And also your hair because here it looks really flat and no offense, it doesn't look done at all. So maybe you should try clip on extenstions or get them sewed in or in any case if you don't have time to spare or anything, a wig do any girl much needed justice.

    Tour around the Western Gal community. There are tons of great black gals.

    Good luck! And visit my blog anytime if you'd like:

  5. I wasn't wearing gyaru makeup or even mascara.And no, I wasn't trying to copy to makeup in the scans it was just random camwhoring. Nothing more, nothing less.

  6. hi, i actually found it a little offensive when you made fun of that youtuber's makeup acount. dont talk shit about other people's craft. if dramatic eyemakeup is her thing, then respect that. dont be a little ignorant kid and be rude about it. also what lolo and naija said are very very true. you should open up and listen to other western gals, they know what theyre talking about. and theyre here to HELP you, not put you down! they dont want you looking like a fool on the internet (which is what you look like) i understand you want a more natural look of gal, which is cool. but you dont have to follow the magazines EXACT. gal is all about making it your own. standing out, making a statement, and expressing yourself. if you dont understand this, then you will just look like another cookie cutter gal shape of everyone one else and have NO originality, no unique-ness. you'll just be another black girl with eyeshadow on.