Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Makeup Tutorials

Something on youtube got me mad.
 Yes, she is entitled to her opinion.

No, I do not like her opinion.
Reason being is she is not a high school kid or no longer near that age. She does not about teen trends anymore. For example the classic powder and eyeliner is an age old thing. Who just wears that anymore? Teens without time wear that. She claims teens shouldn't eyeshadow. Most teens are insecure people. Everyone is insecure when they are a teen. Brave teens begin to experiment with makeup as a way to stand out and not be so insecure. Eyeshadow is like painting to me. It's mixing different colors around to make a masterpiece. So for someone to say to I shouldn't use eyeshadow is like telling Picaso he shouldn't paint. I don't want someone like her spoiling the minds of young artists. So hopefully soon I'll start making eyeshadow tutorials to make simple looks for teen and college people on the go.

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