Sunday, May 8, 2011

Egg + Ranzuki June 11 scans

Update: I made a blunder these 2011 scans not 2006 scans I find that I increasingly need to be explain everything on my blog. No I will not try False lashes ever again. It was misery and embarrassing. If that makes un-gyaru so be it. I didn't ask for your approval. And don't assume all my pictures on this website will feature me in gyaru makeup so don't automatically it assume either.  I like gyaru but I like what is comfortable first. Don't force me to live by your rules.
Anyway here is some scans that I liked from Egg and Ranzuki June
Love belly rings but they are so painful that unless they have a painless procedure, I wouldn't do it.
 I want another ear piercing but my family is so against it. Ugh. I want it so bad
 Tongue piercings is one thing I'll never do. How do you eat with metal on your tongue?


  1. Go ahead rant about it on your blog, go ahead pull the race card on the entire western gyaru community its not gonna make you anymore gyaru.

    Just don't call yourself gal if you don't follow simple things like having false lashes.

  2. excuse me who are you? Oh that's right no one I care about.

  3. Well okay, I don,t know you, I just discovered your blog and I see nothing but a girl who doesn't belong in the community. It,s not because your stupid revlon glue didn't work that you shouldn,t ever try false lashes again ! Come on, when you learn, you have to try things, make mistakes, it's NORMAL ! Pffff poor girl !!

  4. So I'm gonna kinda put your two posts into one huge comment, sorry if it seems like a soliloquy! ><

    Yeah, I can say that I've just started wearing lashes in March and I've had a ton of mess ups. I've had my lashes fall off and I've used CLEAR glue and had it try WHITE and seeing that I'm African_American, yeah you can only imagine. I've had gaps, uneven looking lashes and all the crapelness you can imagine but if anything that should make you want to try again and see what you did wrong so you can better your craft. But I mean, that's just me. And if I made any assumption, oops, sorry. Nobody is forcing any approval and conforming you to acceptance, it's just that that's how the style is. And I used to be the same way. "Oh I don't need lashes, I'll look ghetto or ultra fake!" "Eye make-up, I already have big eyes I don't need any of that!" But I'm telling you that once you do it and once you see it, you understand it. Circle lenses+lashes=big eyes which is a huge part of the style. They don't wear them because nobody else does because if that was the case that would be a contradiction seeing that just about all gals wear lashes and circle lenses. You get it? But let me stop, I'm not trying to lecture you and I don't want to lecture you because I'm a beginner gal in high school too. So I guess I'm not really in the position to talk. And please, please, please, please, PLEASE don't EVER play the race card EVER because not only does it give the haters a prime reason to hate on you but it makes all the other black gyarus who are really trying a bad look. Instead, I just look for other black gals and ask them for help and there are tons of great and not to mention kind black gals you can get tips from. Yesterday I asked Heir of Glee for hair tips and she didn't bitch at me and say "WTF, figure it out yourself" she gave me a detailed and very helpful response. To be honest, I don't think the Gaijin Gyaru community is as ruthless as it seems. I think gal secrets is just a way for lonely people to get back at people they're jealous of or had an issue with. All in all, nobody can force you to do or try something you don't want to. Because in the end, you know the style and you can get to know the gals. It's all up to you. Sorry if I sounded any type of way, just emitting a stream of consciousness here. Ciao!


  6. I'm just wanted to know why you aren't using more current scans? jmagazinescans @livejournal gives you up to date stuff that can really help you out.