Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Updates are going to be less regular for the next week or so as I begin my mini blogshop. I been thinking about it for a long time because I always want to buy from china and then I go check the shipping price and I will be like FML why is it so expensive! It makes easier for everyone if you order in groups, brings the price down by about $10 per person.  I also found there is only about one seller in like the U.S soyfashion, who sells off-brand japanese clothing and they don't even come in multiple sizes.  Same goes with yesstyle. Like come on, U.S is the land of curves,  it's very limited to find a woman whose chest can fit into most of those dresses. So I did my research and contacted a certain factory and I am currently trying to reach agreement, so I can find kawaii gyaru and ullzzang clothing to supply my shop with.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is my blog boring? Well Dawn Yang is

So does anyone know who Dawn Yang is? Its okay if you don't, she is a Singaporean blogger. Anyway, every now and then, another blogger mentions her, the hype rises, then sinks, then no one ever remembers her again. Except if you follower because apparently she is a celebrity blogger (??!), I know, I didn't believe it myself either. Whatever. Anyway for like how many years, I always knew her as some chick Xiaxue hated. Simple reason being that she plagiarized, making fake accounts to comment on her blog and glorified herself. I knew all these things but never really cared for her. Of course I knew the rumors. It's really funny how much evidence they managed to stack. I mean there is a blog dedicated to it. About 3 years ago it got to it's climax. Xiaxue's and this blog seem to have let it go.
Finally today, 3 years later, I read her blog. I read about of 10 posts before knocking out into deep sleep. I never been so BORED in my whole god damn life. Like JESUS WOMAN SAY SOMETHING INTERESTING AT ONCE. Seriously, if I read the whole blog, I would of shot myself. I'm seriously. Yeah, she travels alot. Goes to fantastic places and has lots and lots of pictures but nothing really worth reading. I mean I can least tell myself I'm still really young and not expected to write like a true blogger just yet, but come on! She has been blogging since 2004 and still can't write   a worth reading blog post.  She might as well go M.I.A and go to some creative writing classes.

Egg magazine August 2011 issue (pic heavy)

 Of course click to zoom ;) Sorry for the weird sizing issues ;(

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Review

Update: Okay my review is a little harsh because it's mostly for people who read the book. Really the movie is awesome. GO SEE IT or FREAKIN WATCH THE BOOTLEG.
It was a sad ending for everyone but lets give a realistic review to everyone who  may want to go out watch the movie  or save themselves the annoyance and watch it online. First off if you read the critic reviews yes the movie was great, it was best of the movie series, but if you read the book, the movie was a bit of a disappointment.   Warning: Spoilers
Story: B- at most
First off, only the first 30 minutes actually devoted toward the the rest of the plots. That's okay. This makes watchers think they will really get into the story. So first off they skirmish on Dobby's death. That doesn't annoy us much because the goblin does mention how curious it is that Harry buried him. They skirmish on Bill's warning about goblins. Which is okay for watchers because it causes impact when Griphook betrays them.  Overall the whole gringotts scene is pretty good. But when they get Hogsmede that's when we get very annoyed. They completely skip on the part Ariana and Grindelwald. This is very important for the readers to understand Dumbledore and Harry's character development. If it wasn't for this bit, Harry might not of gone out to face Voldemort. Then they go into the castle. Very accurate. Seamus goes and call up the order. Also really great. But then we see a plot loop.
My, hello, Luna how did you get here?
Seamus was noted to call the Order. Luna is a year younger than Harry so could not be possibly called. How did she get here? Why is she here? The coins were explained in the book but not here.Besides these little annoyance, we moved on and the movie gets awesome.
Neville was awesome
 Then it's the penisieve annoys me again. They completely skip how much Snape loved Lily and what he went through in devotion to her. All we really get out of it is that he loved her. No deeper meaning.
Then lastly the epic fight with Harry and Voldemort. It was a good fight but they ended up doing a lot of muggle dueling and if you read the series you know Voldemort hates muggles. Why on earth would he fight like one. That was a bit confusing. Its obvious the screenwriters and director cared more about captivating the audience then actually being acurate.  But it's what ever. It's not going to change much.
Overall story wise: I give the story a C+ or B-. It didn't suck but it wasn't great. I mean compared to the  Dark Knight, it fell really short. Compared to all the other movies out this weekend, this is the must see movie event. It mean it did do some justice in some areas but was like a criminals at crucial things. You get the gist.
Acting: A+
 All the characters really got it together for the finale. And I was surprised to see so many new faces. This movie was the most diverse with the extras. I guess everyone wanted to be in the finale. Snape acting was the best to me. I always liked his character for some odd reason and now I know why. My second favorite was Neville. Omg I fell in love with his character development. Now viewers truly see he is fit to be a gryffindor.  Omg talking back straight to Voldemort. At least this was an aspect that the screenwriters didn't fail in.
Direction: C+
For obvious reasons
Visuals: A+
At least the aspect was increadibly awesome.  The effects were just way too good.

Overall: Solid B
So the movie is actually worth seeing. But if you haven't read the books. This is the time to go and read them. This is a sad ending to the saga that has taken about 11 years of all our lives. Thanks for reading.

Bluesky scrubs

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My extended break is over.

I feel really bad for not posting so long. I have pictures and such but then other bloggers will  post about a cool place they visit but when I visit a cool place. I always forget to take pictures so I never feel like blogging about it. Then I watched this interview of Xiaxues'. She said that she blogged about things about herself that no one may care about and really thought no one would read her blog; it's her playground. It was a bit inspiring.
This summer I am not going to travel anywhere special. I decided to complete several goals. One is to lose weight. Well not really lose weight... I want to tone up. That person who inspired me to do that is Jordan Sparks, I mean have you seen her lately?

In comparisons the pictures with the grey bikini, I am slightly larger than that. But I want to have a tone stomach. It would look so great in a bikini. Before I never really cared about my weight or body shape, I was very skinny 2 years ago. Now, on the trend I am following, in as soon as 5 years I could become obese. It's in my genetic makeup, but I'm going to fight it. I'm going to jog daily and use my ab circle and try (but not suceeding -----> well i can , i just can't eat right porpotions<------- >_<) to eat right.
Another goal is to work on my dancing. So far I have been study the Isabella Duncan technique, which I am good at, and work my way to be able to do jazz dancing.  I suck overall as a dancer but I am a colorguard (the girls in purple)  in the East Ramapo Marching Band. It's my dream to become a dancer (the girls in gold).
The begining is the good part to see the dancers.
Our better video. Our best performance caught on video

It would be awesome to be a dancer. I've been in marching band for 4 years and usually this would be the time that a colorguard would become a dancer if you weren't one already. But my weak dancing skills could easily hinder my chance of becoming a dancer. It would also mean I would be treated insignificantly by the other dancers whom I have been in mb just as long as they have.

And finally my last goal is to become a better violinist. I joined the jazz program at my school and I'm doing to their summer workshop but it's kinda difficult. I can't improve, I don't know jazz for my life, and I have deadly stage fright. But to be a better violinist is my goal. The worst part is a 10th grader is the best violinist in the school and is also in the program- fml worth embarrassment, the guy makes me feel like that I have the talent of a 4th grader and it doesn't help that all the band members in the jazz workshop have some sort of talent.

Oh wait I forgot about my last goal. I also want to make my blog look pretty and post some videos this summer. I have been saying it for months but I really got to get my youtube together. I also want to make a cool layout for my blog. Any ideas.

Before I go, I also want to talk about this company in Austin, Texas. My friend down there is in love with them. They got ride of the skunk odors in her house and ever since is always talking bout them. Happy now, Christine?