Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is my blog boring? Well Dawn Yang is

So does anyone know who Dawn Yang is? Its okay if you don't, she is a Singaporean blogger. Anyway, every now and then, another blogger mentions her, the hype rises, then sinks, then no one ever remembers her again. Except if you follower because apparently she is a celebrity blogger (??!), I know, I didn't believe it myself either. Whatever. Anyway for like how many years, I always knew her as some chick Xiaxue hated. Simple reason being that she plagiarized, making fake accounts to comment on her blog and glorified herself. I knew all these things but never really cared for her. Of course I knew the rumors. It's really funny how much evidence they managed to stack. I mean there is a blog dedicated to it. About 3 years ago it got to it's climax. Xiaxue's and this blog seem to have let it go.
Finally today, 3 years later, I read her blog. I read about of 10 posts before knocking out into deep sleep. I never been so BORED in my whole god damn life. Like JESUS WOMAN SAY SOMETHING INTERESTING AT ONCE. Seriously, if I read the whole blog, I would of shot myself. I'm seriously. Yeah, she travels alot. Goes to fantastic places and has lots and lots of pictures but nothing really worth reading. I mean I can least tell myself I'm still really young and not expected to write like a true blogger just yet, but come on! She has been blogging since 2004 and still can't write   a worth reading blog post.  She might as well go M.I.A and go to some creative writing classes.


  1. Why do you always bash other people? It's not like you're blog is so great... Instead of worrying and talking about what other people do, be on top YOUR Game!

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