Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Being a little creative with the dorm room decorations

Guest Post by Heather Anderson

When we first started thinking about what we needed to buy for my daughter to take for her dorm room, we decided that we didn't want hers to look like a typical dorm room. When we imagined a typical dorm room we just imagined something covered with the school colors. Even though my daughter is excited to go to her dream school, she wants her dorm room to reflect her personality and I couldn't agree with her more. Besides, you want to come back to your dorm room and feel like it's your room instead of just one that belongs to any other given student at your school.
But we went online to come up with some interesting ways to decorate her room before we actually went shopping. While we were online getting some decorating ideas, we came across the website and after I showed it to my husband, we decided to change over our home internet service to it.
For her dorm room, we found some old picture frames at a flea market and are working on putting art prints and things like that into them. I think that will be really neat in comparison to standard art posters.

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