Monday, August 29, 2011

Google Plus and their long urls.

For the small amount of you who have Google Plus, you know how annoying it is to try to share your profile with friends. You haven't notice? You really haven't notice the long as **** url that you have to highlight whenever you are trying to share your url. Ahhh, now you are getting it Of course you can always use tinyurl and similar websites but your friends can be skeptical of where the tinyurl actually takes you. I once heard one of my friends say this "Oh, I don't click on tinyurl links they might actually be a link to porn." Surpringly enough 1 out of 10 times I use tinyurl and similar link shorteners I get redirected to a porn site and I get so pissed off. Like FML and eff tinyurl to the maximum!!!
So I was introduced to . Simple and easy way to share your profile without the excessive panic from websites like and whatever. Plusg makes it simple by giving you a nickname. So you nickname  would go in the "name" part and no one would be scared of  the url I'm giving them. For example if I was to hand out to http://plusg.moonangelko/ everyone would know it was me. Too bad I don't have a google plus account at the moment lol.

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