Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Riots? Dang London you go hard!

Unless you have been living under a rock you should know about the London Riots. In a way I am impressed. It's been going for 4 days with only 500 arrests (and yeah I said only) and they stole a lot of shit. I feel very sorry for everyone stuck in the cross-fire but you can't say that you aren't impressed.
Why this can't work in the U.S
  1. Not everyone uses Blackberries. Blackberries are spread too thin around the schools. Lot more people use Iphones and androids and non-os phones. But it is possible that all the blackberry users could ignite a riot, but too many would chicken. 
  2. The army would been called on the first day, I remember a time when sometype of army unit got called in on a a large scale between cheerleading teams and football players. 
  3. There are lots of cops in the U.S that don't care, They shoot first, ask questions later
This reminds me of the time when I was a freshmen in high school. The freshmens had their own building at the time. We were very upset over the corruption in the Hasidic community who were using illegal methods on the polls to get things in the favor of their Rabbi. So I tried to cause a riot and a walkout. We were almost successful until they called security from main campus and we all ran to class.  We had the news channel waiting for us and everything. Crazy right?

Anyway back to the London Riots. FIrst I'll applaud the cops for managing to make the arrests. Then I applaud the people who stole 40 iphones and clothes on the first day, got away with it and didn't ensue in anymore riots. You guys are the smart ones. But I don't condone what you did.  Then I applaud the people who didn't get caught period. You guys are still smart. Then I laugh at the people who did get caught. You dumbasses! Then I laugh the people who are still out there trying to steal. You dumbasses should got out on the first day. Then I stick my middle finger to those lighting up cars and stores. That's o.d and fucked up. Your hurting people and their buisnesses. What if you burned a buisness who just got started? That person was saving up all their lives and put everything on the line to start a business and you just destroyed it? I hope you get arrested.  Then all of you guys doing this with no purpose because your parents who spoiled you beyond extent didn't want to buy you a plasma tv, go kiss an ass.

By the way londoners, I hope you know all you guys go hard cuz you did this and there wasn't even a blackout. You guys have lots of guts.

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