Sunday, September 11, 2011


Eli is posing it up in Aeropostale. Yay! Today I'm writing all about Aeropostale!

Okay, so am I.  Camwhoring aside, Aeropostale is probably the only name-brand clothes I'll wear publicly. Almost all brands are steering away from plastering their name over their clothes. Aeropostale is the last popular breed of name brands. They are so comfortable and have a nice variety of clothes to choose from. Whether you need school clothes, lounge wear, pajamas, or etc, Aero always has it.

Omg I bought this swim suit back in '08! It still fits! It was an a major steal because I bought off season for only $10. Actually Aeropostale is having a sale for clothes for girls right now. What I love about Aero is that you don't have to be gawking for a sale. They always have super affordable clothes.
My sister bought me a lot of Aero clothes. She used to work at Aeropostale and went crazy shopping there. I always wanted to work at Aeropostale but they don't have an online application for cashiers and to get a paper application is such a trip if you don't  have a car and/or no money.

At the end of the day Aeropostale is the number 1 brand for high school and college students. Its  super comfortable and fashionable. I wear Aero because because I can look glamorous without the extra work. Tell me why do you wear Aero?

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  1. I discovered last week that Aeropostale was actually affordable - I had always assumed it was overpriced stuff like Hollister. Still didn't buy anything, but in the future I'll be more willing to browse their clothes.