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Circle Lenses

The long awaited post! Okay I'm just going to skim on the generals and tell you some thing I can almost guarantee no other site has.

Looking creepy to empathized the eyes
If you don't know by now, you should I am a huge fan of circle lens. But buying circle lens is a bit hard if you don't know what your doing. Circle lens is such a huge trend (I kinda kicked it off in my school lol) but like all cosmetics you use it's all about trial and error.
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Here are some truths about circle lenses:
  • You don't have to be gyaru to wear ciricle lenses. You can wear with and without false lashes.
  • Circle lenses don't look the same for everyone.  Once again trial and error is key to success.
  • Know yourself, and what you are comfortable. Don't wear circle lenses to be in the popular crowd. 
First off always go to the doctor first. Get your prescription strength and base curve figured out. This is very necessary so you don't permanently damage your eyes. I also recommend you to start off with regular contact lenses. It makes the process of adjusting to them so much more easier. Anyway nearly every circle lens site says the same things so I don't need to get into this too much. This just broad generalizations.
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There are 3 types of circle lenses sizes we are going to look at today.
  • 14.0 mm Which is the most common. It's more toward the more subtle and natural enlargment. I prefer these lenses for everyday looks. They are subtle enough to make them look rather natural but has a big enough enlargment to reshape how my entire face look. Generally makes me look prettier. 
  • 14.5 mm You would think .5 mm isn't even that much of a height. But it's so much more difference in your eyes. This is overall better for pictures. Gyaru will tend to wear this size because they care less for subtle and more the dolly eye look. 
  • 15.0 mm I'm skipping 14.8 (a rather popular size) because they look just about the same as 14.5. I hate 15.0 lenses. They make you look like a crackhead no matter what and the size of the lenses are protentially dangerous. If you ever hear people critisize circle lens they are usually talking about either of the two things; teens buying without a prescription and large lenses that damage your eyes. 

I like 14.0 better because I wear circle lenses everyday and I need something subtle but any way this is another trial and error thing; trying to find what size is perfect for you. Health wise, 14.0 is about to same size as normal lenses so no problems there.
Bad pic :/

Finding the best styles of lenses.

Lighter skin tones tend not to have much problems finding the perfect lenses. The universal color for all races I got to say is the gray and purple. But remember not all styles are alike. I think, and I'm basing this off of Michelle Phan, that circle lenses with dark rims have a more eye enlarging effect on people with lighter skin then it does for people with darker skin.  I once owned Geo Angel Blue circle lenses and they didn't have much of an eye enlarging  affect as much my favorite Geo Nudy Gray lenses. So people with darker skin circle lenses should use circle lenses without dark rims. FYI It also looks prettier on us too.

Also don't wear circle lenses without makeup. I mean you can get away with it if you have naturally good skin. Most people will wear circle lenses that are different color then their natural eyes, this brings more attention to your face and make your tired eyes and bags look even more profound. If your anything like me and always taking pictures, you don't want to be caught with ugly tired looking eyes. Honestly, if I'm not wearing circle lenses I don't wear makeup.
Another bad pic but with Geo Angel Blue

Someone wearing perfect makeup and Geo Nudy Greys
And that's basically everything I know about circle lenses. I hope this was informative. I'll update it if I realize I'm leaving things out.

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