Sunday, September 18, 2011

A quick post to help an awesome organization

This is prelude to an advertorial I am doing. This is super important so I decided to say it once before hand.  In the past month I teamed up with Roaste.  Their banner on the right of my homepage, makes $5 revenue every time one of my loyal readers simply click on the ad! All you have to do is click! Now I don't want to advertise this just to fill up my pockets. I decided to contribute 70% of the profits to the East Ramapo Marching Band. The program makes such a huge difference to the community and school and changes so many lives. But the band is always on the school district cutting board and it takes quite a lot of money to keep the program a float. Never heard of this marching band? Well they were in Drumline, Manchurian Candidate, several time Apollo winners, and many appearances on Good Morning America and NYC parades. They recently were 2008 Musical Arts Conference champions. So please click on the banner below and help please. You might even like the coffee on the website. OR you can also submit a donation using the donate button below. I'm serious RAPE THAT BANNER WITH YOUR MOUSE LOLOLOL!!!!

Best Coffee Ever

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