Monday, November 14, 2011

Fashion of the Week #2

This week's fashion of the week is more pics I found on the web that I felt were inspiring. I have been so busy lately to take any pictures of my own or do my things. And more or less been uninspired and slightly distraught. I never understand why people can say the most hurtful things to fellow human beings.
A 70s based outfit with a muted template. It doesn't scream winter but it's awesome for those people whose area still a bit warm

This iconic drawing of a gyaru, was probably my first inspiration so so long ago. 
School kawaii!
I just love love the lace in this outfit 
I love/hate this outfit . It's not my taste but the concept is.

Dorry for the super short post!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Author !!!

Well readers,
We all know Angel has been slackin' on the bloggin'. So I'm here to help set a tone for you guys. I suppose you'll know me by Kemme.
So, I've been planning my sweet sixteen and I've been obsessed with well a few dress styles.
Like the quincenera style.

I know, gorgeous right?
Another style that apparently is present is a short style.

Modern White Sweetheart Neckline Tulle A-line Womens Homecoming Dress

Cute Light Yellow Sweetheart Neckline Tulle A-line Womens Homecoming Dress

So, I hope you enjoyed this little excerpt of a photo log. Expect a whole lot more since there's more than one author. :D