Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The King of Queens

Thanks for the article from Jared Whitaker
King of Queens is another one of those shows, like Friends it is almost always on direct tv when I get home from work. It is a show starring Kevin James and Leah Rimini and it ran from 1998-2007. It is funny to watch what they were wearing when you see one of the shows from 19998, and we thought the eighties were a bad time for hair styles. Carrie, Leah Rimini’s character, wears he bangs rather large in some of those episodes. The show is about a couple with no children who live in the New York/New Jersey area. They never get specific on where they really live so I am guess on proximity. Kevin James’ character works for a company that is startlingly like UPS although it is called something different and Carrie works for different places as the show progresses. Another thing to up the ante on the comedy is that Carrie’s father lives in their basement. Carrie’s father is played by Jerry Stiller who you would know from Seinfeld among other things. Just having this man as a part of the show makes for some good jokes.

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