Sunday, December 4, 2011


First off here is a few pics from a failed projects of mine;
                                                             My friend, Eli was acting as a model

                                I o.d on the photoshop on this particular picture that I looked super young
This needed way more photoshop-- I was trying to look sexy eww

Just so you know that I'm not a lazy blogger. I start a thousand mini-projects and most if not all end up in failure.  On the plus-side they are pretty good photoshoped since all these pictures were taken with a 1.3 mp camera (I know I didn't even know 1.3 even existed). I'm always working on new projects with this blog but the hard part is making a successful and good post. I have so many posts in my drafts that are up for deletion. It's hard writing a good blog post without a good camera, natural beauty, or an exciting life.  Plus I hate mainstream topics. No one gives a f about most of them anyway.
I did introduce Kemme on my blog  She has a fashion niche, which is cool. But my blog isn't really about fashion. It's about anything and it's by far not a photolog. Photos don't make the substance; they are supplements to the words.
 Here are projects that I'll guarantee to do before the end of the year.


Blog Layout 



Youtube is by far the hardest. The minute I get on camera I have no clue what I want to say anymore. I blank out and I have nothing worth saying.  I'll get there eventually.  For the blog layout, I want to be able to have a photo of the moment bar or some sort of tumblr connection.  I also want to get some professional pictures done.  I'll re-do the banner to have me the starring picture and have little images around the website. But I have little idea how should I wear my makeup or how to dress for the shoot.

I'm almost done with my Twitter and Tumblr project. Tumblr just need a few tweaks to the navigational bar but twitter itself needs a lot of work.  So in the meantime while I'm still working on this blog you can follow me on twitter (and I do follow back) or tumblr.

Thanks for reading this post basically about nothing. Lol --- XOXOXO LOVE & KISSES

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