Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Awards Dinner

So now that I fixed up up my blog it's time to blog a little bit.

So as you guys know I am a band geek. This year was my second to last Awards Dinner I attended. So super emotional. Oh, you guys don't know what the Award Dinner is lol. So every year the marching band has a little end of the year get together and give out a little appreciation to members who are graduating and member who just came in.
For everyone (but seniors) the night was a black and white affair.
I omitted almost all the white in my outfit.
Mymichelle dress
Charlotte Rouse Blazer
Accesories: Icings

Beware that the next couple of pics were taken with crappy cameras!
 Still posing in the bathroom wtf.
              Oh my, I made this face just to show my makeup.
Not that my makeup was any pretty
The table set up. Our dinner took place at an Italian restaurant, Casa Mia. It was an okay restaurant.  That trophy on that table was for me. *cough* LOL
This pic looks super artistic lmao.... or rather super pixalated lol. This was a camwhore with our graduating senior, Tony and my besty Evelyn 
  The super cute (or rather swagged) color guard girls.
Me camwhoring with Evelyn again. I think we did a lot of that.
2 of the graduating seniors posing up a storm. Yes their poses were intentional. On the left is Matt and the right is Tony again.
From right to left Mayia, Frances, and Katy.
 My lovely  Seragine and Ariana
 This pic was super blurry but I guess it looks very artistic. Idc, I still like it.

Well that's all to my photolog! Well Merry Christmas to the Eastern half of the world.

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