Monday, January 23, 2012


fml  FML 

My life is over. It's just over and done. You know why?

Ignore my ugly nails, that's another tragedy by itself. I was getting ready to take pictures in the snow when I decided I wanted to wear false lashes for these pictures. Circle lenses and false lashes are set to me. False lashes without circle lenses are a CANNOT, right?  I only had my pair Geo Nudy greys left and I knew my time with them was dwindling. 8 months were almost done and they started feeling increasingly  uncomfortable. I only have $16 in my PayPal so I decided I would buy from Secret Eyes, who having a super cheap sale (only $12). I love any circle lens that are colorful without large as hell black rings. So I was going to get the Geo Nudy Blues. I placed my order a WEEK ago and still no response. I'll blame it on Chinese new year and complain next week. I didn't expect my lenses to rip before I could get new ones though!
At least my breakfast tried to cheer me up lah

If you live across the world, you wouldn't know that New York had it's best warmest winter by far until that slut called mother nature decided to snow. The day of the snow fall was a little bit more than beautiful but the days after were just a lot of torture.  Now it's all icy and slippery and now you think you might die at any moment from walking these streets.
So a pic from the nicer days of this ugly snow.  Mother nature has been particularly a slut with New York. First she dumped her stupid slut, Irene, on us and Irene took away our power for weeks. Lucky that slut came in the summer. Then her dumbass snowstorm, came out of nowhere in OCTOBER, and destroyed a lot of property and took away our powers for more WEEKS! Then just as we thought she became nicer---> POW! A snow storm.... ON A SATURDAY. ...... thanks mother nature. You and your damn storms can go that way----------------->

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