Monday, January 2, 2012

Forever 21 Trip- fashion of the week

Eww I'm becoming a fashion blogger.

Anyway I went to the mall today and I only had a little bit of money to buy a winter coat and a pair of boots

---> -__-" <---   But I still went to Forever 21 =). They made a two floor super store in my mall but I never had a chance to go shopping in there because  I'm always broke (truth be told I own no forever 21 clothes). The minute I entered the store I was dazzled ---- >paradise. But I didn't take any pics of  the store itself (I didn't want to look like a tourist since I was alone). But I did take some clothes into the dressing room and camwhore until my sister dragged me out.

 I tried a  lot less on photoshop for all these photos. So my eyes aren't pretty, my nose isn't perfect, I didn't photoshop on some lipstick, I just look naturally me.

A floral top with my own skinnies. I saw something like this on Xiaxue and Cheesie and I've been obessesed with floral shirts.

Well it's more like this
And this
I  was trying so hard to keep balance in this pic lol. I fell in love with this top btw.
This skirt was a very gyaru- ish so I had to try it on. This top has lace back on the back.
 That mirror was really streaky... I fell in love with this skirt. To bad the trend is dying out already.
Skank poses look more innocent with long skirts.  Okay enough with the self loving commentary.....

A bit mumsy yes?

Ends with a nice little self-loving pic.

I hope this made you want to go to Forever 21 too.

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