Friday, January 27, 2012

Guide to Life: Fighting Bullying

I decided, instead of writing another super vain post, I needed to talk about more important subjects. But I warn you, I give sucky advice. Back in 2010, I remember that I was stuck in a hotel room with a few girls (having truth or dare) during a school trip. The most rememberable line from that trip is "I've been there I've done that." Back then, I was fighting to find a sense of *me*. I lost all direction. I suffered from bullying, alcoholism, gambling, and heartbreaks. I never told anyone about this (well not to the full extent) but the word HAS to get out. I know that one of these days someone is going to warp everything I said here and paint into bad light. That's life. I will eventually have a sting of regret. But OH WELL, NO GOING BACK!

This first part is going to be about bullying and how to fight it.

I really don't remember a time, when I WASN'T bullied. It started when I was very young and still exists in my life. Two or three months ago, I even fell back into an emo phase but lucky I have friends to always pick me up...
 No one deserves to be bullied. It hurts and makes you feel less then human. I known the feeling for almost my entire life. I have a lisp. I didn't take much care to speech therapy when I was younger and I can only speak normally when I really think about each word I say. But that is SO DAMN ANNOYING to do. It gives people the first impression that I'm retarded. But hello? All honors student! I would have been all APs if it wasn't for my stupid guidance counselors! But that is not what people think. So if you have a lisp like me, make sure you always use big words so people don't think your retarded. Kids, you know can be the harshest little things in the world. No matter how much smarter was then them, I was still retarded, annoying, and ugly.

I mean wasn't the most cutest little girl but I was much much cuter then most of those assholes.

By the time middle school came I decided to get revenge on all these bullies. I beat the shit out of anyone who laid a hand on me and then I would cry my way out of trouble. I learned, as a girl, that crying got the douche bags in trouble.  That was a temporary fix. As people got older, bullying got less (because Columbine massacre was waying on everyone's mind).

But verbal bullying is always there. The easiest way I found to fight back, was become crafty with insults. "Suck my big left toe or going cry to your effing mommy. I don't give two shits about the crap that comes out your mouth." Rolls off with insults in creole lolol!

But don't go about it the way I do. It's true the bullying has stopped because people know better then mess with me but my method doesn't work with everyone.

How to Fight Bullies
  1. Speak up. Bullies target the weak. When you speak up, they know they can't challenege you!
  2. Do psychology on them. Make them feel so bad about themselves that they stop. I once told a bully that. "Now you what's the point of bothering me? Is your pimples so large that you must bother me?" That shut him up.... and made him very self-conscious lololol.
  3. Tell someone! If you can't deal with it by yourself then talk to someone who can help you. 
  4. Don't let them get to you! The biggest reasons bullies decide to pick on me was because I didn't have a strong resolve. I let them get to me. If I used my head more during middle school, I would probably been the most popular kid in the world.
  5. Always stick with your friends. Your friends will always be your biggest advocates. And if you don't have friends, maybe you need re-evaluate yourself. Why is it, you don't have friends? Is it something you are doing or something you can't help. 

 If you see someone being bullied, DON'T JUST STAND THERE!

 I hope my advice help someone! Next time I'll talk about alcoholism and heartbreaks! 

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