Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to Become Beautiful

So obviously you are ugly and need some guidance on to becoming pretty. If you think you are
 naturally pretty then you probably have some extremely low self-esteem or something. Or your probably a gyaru or ulzzang---> this is their type of makeup.  Either way you are in luck! You are looking at Angel 1st ever Guide to Life (yes I stole the title, so sue me).
 You want to have an awesome transformation?

Nearly unrecognizable right?
What you'll need:

Double Eyelid Tape -->(if your monolid only)
Loose Powder
Neutral Eyeshadows
Pencil Eyeliner
Liquid Eyeliner
A GOOD mascara (I prefer Maybelline Falsies and Maybelline Stiletto)
Bronzer or a dark brown eyeshadow or concealer
False Lashes (you might not need it depending on what look you are going for)
Lip Gloss

Blogger Ling, is famous for how she is able to transform from a homely looking gal to a model looking hottie. It's amazing. This video will show you how to do the makeup.

Very chio right?  For all you girls out there,  no matter how ugly you are in the morning, you can always look gorgeous if you have good makeup and good hair.
 The More Natural Route:


The right contacts speak out to people. If you have small eyes wear circle lens. If you darker skin don't try to wear too dark circle lens but don't wear too bright either. Try to find a medium color that doesn't make you look like a clown. I  don't think paler skin tones have that problem. If you large eyes, wear regular contacts. If you already have beautiful hues as your natural eye color---> you don't need color contacts!

Contouring: IT'S IMPORTANT. I think a rare few people have the perfectly shaped face and nose. I like my nose  but I hate it in pictures, I ALWAYS photoshop contouring and make the nose smaller. But I would never get a nose job at all. So I contour. Plus if you gain come weight (which happens to me ALOT) contouring slims your face down.

False Lashes vs Mascara: This all depends on you and your personal interest. I like falsies for special events. I depend on a LOT of mascara for a day to day basis. But that's because my lashes have a natural curl so it makes putting lashes on harder. If your lashes are really straight and short, I think you should wear false lashes daily.  I'm giving away free lashes btw.

DON'T FOLLOW VIDEO TUTORIALS TO THE CORE!  They are guidelines! Choose colors that complement your skin tones.  Browns, blacks, golds, hues, and similar hues tend to be universal. White, peach, and other bright colors does NOT go with every skin tone!

That's all you need to know makeup wise.

Next time: Guide to Life: a Camwhore Queen.


  1. Hee, I like this post. I'm still getting better at finding the right "look" for my because my skin tone and eyes are very different (because I'm so mixed) but I always LOVE tutorials. <3

    1. Thanks! I thought this was a horrible vain post because I wrote this out of anger.