Monday, January 16, 2012

I officially hate all people

I feel like everyone one online are rude arses who just want to start unnecessary drama just to get a kick out of their boring lives. As you may know, I play the violin. I love the violin so much and this year I would be playing Level 6 NYSSMA(a music competition). I had a book full of Beethoven sonatas; all of which had both violin and piano parts. The first movement looked so easy, that I couldn't believe it was a level 6. It's easier then Accolay, a level 5 piece (this a lot musician talk right here)  After being able to play first couple of pages with too much ease. I decided that I should ask someone to see if the Piano part of the book was what might actually might being graded since it played most of the song. So I asked on Yahoo Answers. That's the answer I got.

FIRST she called me stupid.

THEN she brought up a fight I had online over a year ago, when a dickhead decided to not answer my question but give me a derogatory response. I am mostly nice on Yahoo Answers so I don't get where she got PEOPLE from; is was a PERSON. That PERSON response was rude and did not answer my question in anyway. 

You know what I have to say to her.


And I hope I see you at NYSSMA so I can say it to your face and tell you to lick my clit when I score an A on my piece.

With this type of attitude from people (like the gyaru secrets community) I came to hate all people in general. Every last idiot in the world can suck my big left toe.


  1. Ahahaha! I lol'd at your ''suck my big left toe''. xD

    You should print it on a t-shirt! >D

  2. I should, I should, I'll post a pic when I do!