Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just For the Haters

So lately my blog overflowed with this black girl on a crazy hive. Even her parents think she is losing her mind. She takes pictures everyday everywhere with no boundaries.
Making chemistry a lot more awkward.  Idk if  she thinks she is cute or something but it gots to stop. She has 300- something friends on facebook but not one of them like her pics.
I swear she thinks she's cute with her ashy elbows, chapped lips and no-makeup.
She even takes pics at other people's houses. Wth is with that? And did I mention her pictures are all heavy edited. Blah, she makes me want to throw up. Is this what you call a fashion blogger. Riddle me that.  She is like the most hated person right now online. They think she's rude and unsocial. And she is an unsocial ---> She only has about 45 followers on twitter LMAO. She is obsessed with these Asian bloggers Xiaxue and Cheesie. Xiaxue hates her anyway. I think Xiaxue blocked her on twitter lmfao.
Eww is she trying to be sexy. Omg my eyes are burning, MAKE IT STOP! At least she finally has a camera bitch or  learned how to balance the camera on something. But she needs to get some rhinoplasy. What was she thinking no editing her nose, it looks effing ugly.
And she needs some fashion sense. Omg, she has some nerve to talk shit about Dawn Yang? Wow.... I think I'm going to puke. Her effing blog is so boring and her pictures make me wanna puke.


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