Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Written by Sonny Quinn
Everyone has their favorite shows that they really love to watch and don’t care who knows it and then everyone has their shows that they like to watch but they don’t really want anyone to know they are interested. For example my husband really likes to watch the bachelor but he wouldn’t dare admit it to anyone except for me. My show like that is Kendra on the E! Network. I think Kendra is just absolutely hilarious as well as so lovable and cute. I really like the way that she and her husband interact with each other. They are playful and spontaneous but can also have a serious discussion when the time is needed. They have been through some difficult times together most of which have been chronicled on the show. When Hank was moved to another state to play ball there Kendra followed him to be close by instead of staying where she really wanted to be which is closer to her friends and family. I love to see what Kendra is going to do next on each show. Check your local listings at http://www.expertsatellite.com/ to find out when Kendra comes on in your area.

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