Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hey Guys,

So I finally put back up the Followers bar. I'm not a big fan of the followers bar so you know something special is coming on. I even put up a facebook bar (which took me forever to get working because of stupid blogger) So you guys know special is going on!

This is going to be my blog 1st ever MINI-GIVEAWAY!!

I was going to do a full one. But since it is my first give-away. It's better to start small right?

I'll giving away, to one lucky person , this:

If you read Chaigyaru's blog you could already guess what these are! A 10 false lashes set! Perfect for any gyaru or ulzzang. These are more natural then the one Chaigyaru uses, but free lashes are free lashes!

Requirements for participation:
You must be a follower of my blog
 Like my Facebook page.

Bonus if you:

5 extra entries if you reblog this
5 extra entries if you post about this on your blog
3 extra entries if you follow me on twitter

How to enter:

  1. email skyangelko [at] aol.com 
  2. subject line: Moonangelko's 1st Giveaway
  3. Message Must Include:

  •  a method of contact (for if you win)---> twitter or email
  • your facebook url or your google connect name
  • Links to your bonus entries (optional)
You may only submit yourself once!

Good luck!
Deadline is February 1st!

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