Tuesday, January 3, 2012

School Flow #1

What inspires you when it comes to fashion? I'm inspired by magazines like every other teen girl. Chatting over teen vogue and seventeen. Also just walking around the school inspires me to see the creativity of people distinct diversity.  Since my school is super diverse, the fashions are also super diverse creating a big fashion life. So here are some pics from this new series that inspires me. I couldn't get many since it's was an on-whim-decison.

 And that's it. Nothing really special.   But not you can amire my photos of me being me.

 A surprise pic of me working hard on trying to create a new blog entry.
Tank- Marshal's $4
Sweater- Marshalls $6
Shoes- Payless -> on sale 35.95 (usually 99.99)
Headband- Icings black friday sale $2 (usually $10)

It's safe to say my entire outfit was chic but cheap. I came with this outfit after hearing a name proposal for the Fashion Show I'm participating in. Someone came up with "Young, Fabulous, and Broke"  It made me wonder if it's possible to stay cheap but fashionable.

Speaking on such Fashion Show, that will be my first ever show and my first ever line to be made by May. I'm so excited yet I'm very scared because I don't have a very clear direction of my line. I want to theme to be Harajuku. It also makes me scared that I don't have a definite career path. Lately I've been leaning toward Fashion Journalism but before that I was very into Fashion Merchandising and before that it was Fashion Design. Who knows where I'll be next month.

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