Tuesday, January 17, 2012



I hate all people who smoke---> In addition to the fact I hate the world. But seriously---> How can you put something so disgusting into your mouth.  Just to look cool?  Do you understand that your breath is disgusting, your teeth are yellow, and you are slowly killing yourself?  Smoking is just plain nasty.
Did I mention that you are killing yourself! Lung cancer!!
And don't forget you put everyone around in danger too.
But I found a solution to smoking, or to at least to get off it.


That's the motto of Blucigs.

Blucigs is the new cigarette. It's an electronic cigarette that lets you smoke water vapor. So: NO MORE SMELL, NO MORE SECOND HAND SMOKE, NO MORE ASH, NO MORE TOBACCO AND BEST OF ALL IT'S 50% CHEAPER THEN CIGARETTES.

I personally can't stand smokers (since every time I'm around one, I get cigarette burns) and this would make them all just a little bit more likeable. 

So get on blucigs or get in that:

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