Thursday, January 12, 2012

Story of a Future High School Dropout

So this week alone, I played hookey and skipped my morning English class EVERYDAY. The day I skipped school I was trying to do a research paper that was due that day and the other 4 essays I had due. In the end I only finished a page of my research paper---> I spent most of my time watching Xiaxue's Guide to Life. Yep now all my essays are passed due and I'm going to fail. Then the school is going to do a psychiatric intervention (yes my school will do it)  to  understand why a 96-average honors student managed to let her grades slip do badly. I have one question for you teachers- WHY U GIVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK DURING THE SAME PERIOD OF TIME!!! I HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION---> EARLY SENIORITIS!
It's safe to say I won't get into college. Well at least not a good one. But that's okay. I'll meet a smart, talented, and rich bishie with a successful future, drug his drinks, and we'll get married in Vegas. And I will live happy ever after.

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Do you see that unhappy face? Let me tell you a little story in a easy way.

Katie get the name penname Angel to write annoymously short stories and starts this blog---->

Angel falls in love with fashion blogs and hopes start fashion blogging---->

Angel realizes she needs more money to buy in clothes to fashion blog---->

She begins to write advertorials---->

But she makes a bare minimum of money--->

She still is poor.

Seriously this my daily conversation with myself.

"Ugh I only made $16 this month. I need glasses /contacts but I can't afford a new doctors appointment or accuve."
"Ooo Secret Eye Shoppe has a sale on lenses for $12!! If I buy these this month I can probably be able to be see long enough to actually learn in school."
I learned how to photoshop from Xiaxue btw

"YES no more photoshopping my eyes!"
"And I have the $4 from this month and I can save that with the $10 I'll make next month to buy myself a Chinese Ipod next month for my birthday."


But you can make it better.....

A little bit of grace has shone on me. I am right now working together with a clothing store called Nasty Girl.  They make awesome vintage style clothes.

And it's like a dream come true that I'm actually work with fashion. Except the fact that I


So my dearest readers buy some nice clothes and very nice store and help the world spin around. And maybe I'll have a giveaway  or start some type of project. Who knows.

So click on the banner on the side that say Nasty Gal to go SHOP, SHOP SHOP...

That's an order from the supreme goddess in me.

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