Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why do I read so many Singaporean Blogs?

I read more in the Singaporean blogospere then the American blogosphere! I think Singaporean tend to have more interesting blogs. It just so happens to be like that.
When I was younger, I use to watch a lot of videos about hair and makeup. I wanted to learn how to put on false lashes so Xiaxue was the one recommended to learn from (it still took me forever to learn).
I learned photoshop from her and everything. So I use to watch her videos all the time. Then her videos came off of Youtube and I had to watch them on website. It was about that time I realized she had a blog. I had no care for blogs at the time, so it was interesting to see such a thing. The American blogosphere is basically non-existent. Every online celebrity seems to be on youtube (and the ones I like seem to all be Asian! Why are Asians so good at everything?I hate them all!!!!................... I kid, I kid!)  so this was rather refreshing. And she is funny, so it keeps me reading.  I read through many of her posts from over the years, so I guess I know a lot about her. This is when I really learned what a "true" fan was. I guess I am one! Even though she hates me... I did do a post about it but I don't know how it got deleted. We got in a spat on twitter and I meant by what I was saying that she was beautiful the way she is--> plastic surgery and all<--- and I guess she misunderstood. Either way, I think I am blocked by her on Twitter ='(.
From reading a lot of Xiaxue's posts, I came to like Cheesie (who isn't Singaporean but oh well).  Cheesie is super nice and has a really cute fashion blog. But unlike other fashion bloggers. Her blog is worth reading and not just about the pictures.  I guess this why I hate American blogs. They only blog about their niche. Their blogs are all neatly laid out and business-like (not saying my blog is better then theirs! My blog is crap!) These two have been a major aspirations of mine. Not because they have an awesome job, but they do what they love without sacrificing themselves into business clothes and working in a little cubicle. I shutter at the thought of me working in a cubicle. But like  I said American blogosphere is not really there---> unless you count these people. 
Arianna Huffington -Huffington Post -News and opinion
Michael Harrington -Tech Crunch -Covering technology start-ups and web 2.0
Jason Kottke -Kottke -design, food, weblogs and New York City.
Heather Armstrong –  Dooce -Prime example for building a business. Read her personal bio at
Perez Hilton -PerezHilton -Delivers celebrity news and gossip.
Nick Denton -Gawker -News and gossip covering entertainment, business and media
Peter Cashmore -Mashable -News covering social media.
Nick Denton -Gaping Void -weblog focused on original technology based cartoons.
Seth Godin -Sethgodin – He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.
Brian Clark -CopyBlogger – Online Marketing advice about building authority with your online presence.
So the idea of me becoming a pro-blogger and not having to work in an office is non-existent.  I read Fourfeetnine too but she's not Singaporean! I'll make a post about them because they are suppose to be separate from these other bloggers! 

So a while ago Xiaxue  posted a link on twitter to Qiu Qiu's blog. I never paid much mind to Qiu Qiu because she talked about Singaporean shopping. One of her particular blog post was talking about this lady called Silver and was about 10,000 words. The post was compelling (even though I skimmed through a little in the end). I realized  that Qiu Qiu called this chick out and at the same time gave the nicest good-bye gift:  HUGE AS HELL PR. Funny thing is Silver isn't unpopular and isn't fat. She is just less famous than Qiu Qiu and of course Xiaxue.   But she could climb in popularity if her blog stood out. That's all she needed.  Qiu Qiu just gave her that opportunity.  Hopefully she re-emerges as a nicer person as well.  So this is where I start reading Qiu Qiu, who is actually a really good story teller and evidently a VERY nice person.  
From Qiu Qiu, I learned about Yutaki. OMG he is SOOOO BISHIE... I who thought that real life bishies are just models from a far off universe unreachable to all normal people. But I read the beginning posts of his blog... Like all good readers do---> read from THE BEGINNING, you learn more about a person that way----> from reading my beginnings you learn that I AM A HUGE AS HELL IDIOT..... <----Not the point lah. His blog change view on photologs. Photologs tell a story a different type of way and his photologs are interesting. I love how he cherish his friends so much and he's your everyday guy. It's just the fact he is gorgeous and his pictures show a sense of humor. A true photographer right? 
From Yutaki I learned about Miyake Wong and Eric Lim. Miyake (whose name I may forever misspell =_=) Is SO DAMN GORGEOUS *girl crush*.  But I still have much to find out about her. I haven't really gotten a chance to read through her blog yet.  So still much to know about her. Her make-up style isn't same as mine (I prefer natural-ish falsies with a large variety of eyeshadow styles) but fashion-wise we think alike.  
Eric, I've seen on Xiaxue's blog once and I find him funny and probably be an awesome guy-friend, right?  I'm in process of reading his blog down, his blog is quite kay kay.  

I also read Dawn Yang (to learn how not to blog; she is so damn boring) and Ester Xie (cuz her pics are cute). I started reading Sophie Willocq but I have yet to get interested. Plus Kelly Konomi (her giveaway drove me there but her blog is quite cute as well.)

Sniff Sniff, I smell a series coming on and Yutaki inspired me to do a project called "Reintroduction" so you'll see it soon! 


  1. i love them too, but since im a huge fan of xiaxue, i NEVER read dawn yang at all!!