Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping Goals

I think I have very bad luck. Both my camera and my tablet is broken and now I need to use my warranties to get new ones. My knee went out in dance class and again just now and my "circle lenses" from Dollyeye aren't circle lenses really. They are waaayyyy too natural. Did I mention I  have 10 reviews that laying in my drafts because my camera doesn't work? FML I have bad luck. BUT I can't continue to leaving my blog blank just because my day went from awesome (since I had no lectures today and all I did was socialize) to totally sucking.

Stress-erasing exercise time :).

Now if you are in high school like me, shopping goals are nice way to manage the little money you have (unless you have daddy's credit card). If you don't have a job like me, you have to be super tight budget with what you buy (unless you have daddy's credit card). The difference between a Shopping List and Shopping Goals is that you don't have the money to actually buy the things you want. It might take months  before you can actually  buy these stuff (siigh I really want daddy's credit card). But the goal-set to make the money to buy this stuff will stay in mind. Matter of fact I think this concept can apply to college-students as well. For some reason goals just lead you to your destination and then some.

My Shopping Goals

1. Mintymix wig. I'm not a super big fan of wigs (or weave for that matter) but I love two tone wigs soo much. Wigs give you the look without destroying your hair <3.

2. Geo Nudy Blues, one day you will be mine..

3. And so will dolly eye green

4. And the puffy 3-tones in EVERY Color 
 Sponsors remember to email me at I am very interested lololol..... SERIOUSLY

Hehee *awkward cough*

5.  Dolly wink lashes. Despite what giveaway I enter ,I just can't seem to win a pair. But they are SO expensive. -___-"

6. Redo my wardrobe per season. F21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, H&M, be prepared for a psycho to buy out all your merchandise :D

And I stop here because my shopping goals has hit around $200, as poor high-school student with no job (daddy you better give me that credit card!!) I don't want to aim too high. Like with life goals, the higher you aim, less likely you can succeed................................... I know I just negated some nice motivational quote but it's true! In order to really succeed, you must set goal within your capabilities.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Liz Lisa Spring 2012

Liz Lisa

You need to cheat sum liz lisa this spring ? That's kinda hard. It's one of a kind you know! For you guys who don't know anything about the brand and wondering why I am always raving about it (blame Cheesie for my obsession), Liz Lisa is a Japanese fashion brand that is aimed at girls 15-21. It takes themes from Sweet Lolita (japanese fashion subculture) and makes it Gyaru (another japanese fashion subculture) approved style. It's known for it's printed dresses, flowy silhouettes, and bunches of lace and other super girly things.  '

The only trusted place I know of that sells Liz Lisa to the US, SG, and Malaysia is . There is no Liz Lisa Webstore for Americans. But be for warn, Liz Lisa is not like your average Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe where everything is $10-$70. Liz Lisa items can cost $30- $200. But for such good clothes, don't expect it to be cheap. Compare it to designer clothes prices.

DON'T BUY FROM SWEET GYARU SHOP.  The clothes are all fake, horrible quality, and if they had sponsored me with free clothes, they wouldn't be having such bad publicity (I'm unabashed okay). But it's true, its true. Their clothes are fake and they price as if it's real. Wtf, I mean if the clothes are fake then drop the price by $30! Then people would still buy (and I still want free clothes :P)

Like for more Lookbooks!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 years to make it happen

Everyone has some life goals. But life is too short to plan everything within a span of 20 years. You can't really plan your life either.So these are guideline of what I want to accomplish in the next two years :).

Spring/ Summer 2012

  1.  Get a job.    I haven't exactly worked since 2010. I've been lazy. I admit it. I need two solid part time jobs this summer if I really want to do what I want to do with my life. I was actually hoping that I would get steady advertorials, sponsors and make money through blogging. Umm, no degree, no solid resumee = no steady job. And I really DON'T want to spam my blog anyway.  I need money to keep up with my love for clothes and makeup. 
  2. Go to Miami.  SPRING BREAK woot. I've never actually been to Miami even though I've been in Florida a couple of times. Every single time I go it was for family or business, never got to stay in a nice hotel and go to the beach.
  3. Get back into gyaru makeup. I literally haven't done actual gyaru makeup in two years.  I  didn't have the money or time to maintain it. Idk if I even remember how to do the make anymore lol. But I shall try! 
  4. Lose 20 or so pounds. Like I said in my last post, my weight does shift a lot but I really would like to maintain a model weight year round. It's always been my secret desire to be on tv national tv or a magazine and I don't want to look like a ummpa lummpa (the camera adds 10 lbs!) 
  5. Go to LA. SUMMER VACAI woot! I honestly the farthest west I ever been is probably Pennsylvania? Virginia?  I don't travel as much I want to... 
  6. Meet the NYC gals. It's a sad thing when you live within 40 minutes of Manhattan yet Michelle Phan goes there more often then you (and Michelle lives thousands of miles away -__-").  I haven't been to the city since 2010. I'm too content with my suburban life and living only 10 minutes away from one of the largest malls in the U.S. ...Sarcasm.... But I really want to go NYC, because all the other gals are in the city. Maybe one or two of us in the burbs, who do our make and never go with it on. 

Fall 2012, can't plan much because of school. Maybe go to San Francisco during Winter Break, to escape the cold? I guess I prob spend the time 


  1. Get an internship
  2. Go to Canada for my birthday <3 Feb 19<3 (because the drinking age is lower :) 
  3. Go to Singapore for Spring Break (because the drinking age is lower and I want to meet some of my fav bloggers) 
  4. Get a pro camera and ring light 
  5. ....


Okay. Job, Miami, NYC, LA, Canada, and Singapore are important marking points. Everything else can just fall in over time. 

The Final Destination however is 

Yeah, you guessed it ----> Tokyo! Tokyo! Summer 2013, I better make it happen. 

FML if I don't really don't put my all into making this happen! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring 2012 Trendbook

Spring is almost upon us. Well we upbeat fashion lovers already know the style reports. Not everyone is on top of it or really care. Last week 3 friends and I couldn't go to New York Fashion Week but wanted to see the Delia's local fashion show. We went but missed the show. So with very little money between us we decided to do "pic and dips". We went to several stores in the mall and created some looks, took pictures, returned the clothes, and left. Some stores don't allow it, some stores encourage it. It also depend who you are. It's like food blogging, so free publicity in some sorts?

The players:
Angel as

The stupid camwhore

Ev as

The Fashion Friend

Kemme and Loverboy as

The Smh Couple

Wet Seal Spring 2012
Wet Seal Spring 2012

Idk why but alot of girls don't know a good thing or two about dressing for your body. I'm a apple shape. My weight doesn't stay at a certain size for more then 6 months. I tend weigh 20 lbs heavier at the beginning of spring then it would be at the end of summer. In the fall, I maintain my weight but by winter, I stop exercising and become fat. All this fat tends to center around my stomach, and my boobs stay about the same size. So if I don't dress properly, I'll get asked stupid questions like "How many months are you?" and stuff.  If you are anything like me save yourself the problem---> just wear clothes that hide your curves and layer. 

Hollister Spring 2012
Hollister Spring 2012
Hollister doesn't give much variety in styles. Their style are typical, overpriced and can be just as easily found at Aeropostale, Aberocrombie, and Pac Sun. We went into the store anyway because the store interior is nice and we had the luck of snagging a huge dressing room. 

Charlotte Russe 
Charlotte Rousse Spring lookbook 2012
I hated Charlotte last winter but for spring, we came to terms with each other. She had a lot of Liz Lisa Cheat Ones, and color blocking and more variety of styles. We had fun abusing the dressing rooms but I can tell we pissed off the girl working her shift at Charlotte. 

Forever 21 Spring 2012
Forever 21 Lookbook Spring 2012

Forever 21 out of all the stores we went to, had the best spring line, I feel. Though we didn't really take advantage cuz, we only raided the first floor of the 2 floor mega store. But we did get some cute looks. 

I made such a stupid face in this pic. 

And we concluded our dressing room raid with F21.  We didn't really take full of advantage of all F21 had to offer but rushing through dressing rooms with the mall closing with 2 hours is not an easy task. We got tired!
Plus poor Loverboy had to wait outside every dressing rooms waiting for us to finish! 

Haha, poor Ev was caught off guard

 Has anyone ever told you that a Forever 21 superstore is like Heaven?

Alright! Enough of my photospam! Bye bye!