Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Liz Lisa Spring 2012

Liz Lisa

You need to cheat sum liz lisa this spring ? That's kinda hard. It's one of a kind you know! For you guys who don't know anything about the brand and wondering why I am always raving about it (blame Cheesie for my obsession), Liz Lisa is a Japanese fashion brand that is aimed at girls 15-21. It takes themes from Sweet Lolita (japanese fashion subculture) and makes it Gyaru (another japanese fashion subculture) approved style. It's known for it's printed dresses, flowy silhouettes, and bunches of lace and other super girly things.  '

The only trusted place I know of that sells Liz Lisa to the US, SG, and Malaysia is . There is no Liz Lisa Webstore for Americans. But be for warn, Liz Lisa is not like your average Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe where everything is $10-$70. Liz Lisa items can cost $30- $200. But for such good clothes, don't expect it to be cheap. Compare it to designer clothes prices.

DON'T BUY FROM SWEET GYARU SHOP.  The clothes are all fake, horrible quality, and if they had sponsored me with free clothes, they wouldn't be having such bad publicity (I'm unabashed okay). But it's true, its true. Their clothes are fake and they price as if it's real. Wtf, I mean if the clothes are fake then drop the price by $30! Then people would still buy (and I still want free clothes :P)

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  1. I wish I could get these clothes in the UK, they're beautiful * - *

  2. Eeeh, I am totally loving Liz Lisa's spring line. I want money to magically appear in my bank account because I want it ALLLLLL. Haha.