Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Blog's Birthday Passed- Let's celebrate

                               I realized my life isn't so boring afterall. A matter-of-fact I have so pictures I never blogged about. I have so much to say. But......

....No way to say it all

In 2011.....

1. I became an aunty to the most cutest thing in the world

His name is Gabriel <3 

He used to look like an alien

But now he's just adorable 

He was born from my bomb-shell sister

Then he got baptized

Me and my sis---> a family that camwhores together stays together

2. I decided babysitting wasn't soo bad
3. I decided to hang out more with friends

.....The victory picture! The rock that was so slippery that it took us forever to get on top of! 
Some friends being pushed on to the rock!
Queen of the rock! She was first one to get on!

4. I went through thousands of phases

In 2012.....

1. I finally got a proper camera

3. I started to stop caring about what others think

4. I re-fell in love with my violin

And the year  has only just begun but there is so much more to be said and thought
And my face was not Photoshopped at all in any of these pictures. A rare gift to my readers---> mostly I was too lazy to photoshop them.

So my blog birthday passed in December. I want to say thank you to those readers who stuck with me and hello to all my new readers. I had photos for so long that I always wanted to blog about but I guess this is the best way to get rid of them without being a complete photospam. Lol.

I would also like to thank @chayabunny who is not only the winner of my giveaway but she also the one who tried to hype it up the most. Her blog is really cute so I suggest you to follow her!

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