Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping Goals

I think I have very bad luck. Both my camera and my tablet is broken and now I need to use my warranties to get new ones. My knee went out in dance class and again just now and my "circle lenses" from Dollyeye aren't circle lenses really. They are waaayyyy too natural. Did I mention I  have 10 reviews that laying in my drafts because my camera doesn't work? FML I have bad luck. BUT I can't continue to leaving my blog blank just because my day went from awesome (since I had no lectures today and all I did was socialize) to totally sucking.

Stress-erasing exercise time :).

Now if you are in high school like me, shopping goals are nice way to manage the little money you have (unless you have daddy's credit card). If you don't have a job like me, you have to be super tight budget with what you buy (unless you have daddy's credit card). The difference between a Shopping List and Shopping Goals is that you don't have the money to actually buy the things you want. It might take months  before you can actually  buy these stuff (siigh I really want daddy's credit card). But the goal-set to make the money to buy this stuff will stay in mind. Matter of fact I think this concept can apply to college-students as well. For some reason goals just lead you to your destination and then some.

My Shopping Goals

1. Mintymix wig. I'm not a super big fan of wigs (or weave for that matter) but I love two tone wigs soo much. Wigs give you the look without destroying your hair <3.

2. Geo Nudy Blues, one day you will be mine..

3. And so will dolly eye green

4. And the puffy 3-tones in EVERY Color 
 Sponsors remember to email me at I am very interested lololol..... SERIOUSLY

Hehee *awkward cough*

5.  Dolly wink lashes. Despite what giveaway I enter ,I just can't seem to win a pair. But they are SO expensive. -___-"

6. Redo my wardrobe per season. F21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, H&M, be prepared for a psycho to buy out all your merchandise :D

And I stop here because my shopping goals has hit around $200, as poor high-school student with no job (daddy you better give me that credit card!!) I don't want to aim too high. Like with life goals, the higher you aim, less likely you can succeed................................... I know I just negated some nice motivational quote but it's true! In order to really succeed, you must set goal within your capabilities.

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