Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Have a Dream


Hey, guys! I am still super upset over the lack of a camera. But I'm getting it fixed very soon. So I will back to snapping the world away before you know it. So here is a little post to tickle your mind today.

Most of my dreams are very embarrassing. It just so happens to be like that. I have typical dreams, the ones of me; rich and famous and living the glitzy life. Who doesn't like that? But touching the stars is harder then it seems.

In my dreams, I was living the life I wanted to live -à essentially a model blogger like icons Xiaxue and Cheesie. It was awesome. I was having a photo shoot on the beach in Miami and meeting other successful bloggers. I was skinny, had good weave, and beautifully dressed. I think that falls in lines with most girls dream. The awesome thing about bloggers is that unless you are some super blogger-actor-singer famous type person, you can go out and live life like a normal person without worrying paparazzi might attack you. You are paparazzi.  Maybe Perez Hilton might have paparazzi problems?

That would be annoying…. Paparazzi hunting you down constantly…. Unless you are attention whore, then you have to love the paparazzi.  I would hate it the most if random people touch me. -___-“ It would be time to whip out the barricade lol.  It would funny if celebrities had to carry stanchions every time they go out.

Stanchions by the way are those crowd control products. You know à that velvet rope you tripped over when trying to jump over because you were too lazy t wait in line (come on I can’t be the only one who did that) .

So maybe I will have a stanchion in tomorrow’s dream. You know the one I will have of me being a rock star.

Lol Goodnight,

Xoxo Angel

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  1. I love those dreams. Mine are always so crazy ridiculous though, that I have my bubble burst when I wake up and realize "yeah, I was definitely dreaming--there's no way that is even humanly possible!" But I love them because they push me to work harder for the things I want. Plus, dreams are pretty fun.