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Legend of Korra: Initial Review

I feel like search a nerd, but I really have fallen in love with Legend of Korra.

Before you say eww, I love Avatar: The Last Airbender. I downloaded most of the episodes of season 3 onto my phone and tablet to watch over and over. I don't have as much love the other seasons though so I am not a hardcore fan. I hated Season 2. But it's one of the few shows I've watched from start to finish and I also watched Avatar Extras from start to finish.

Legend of Korra, unlike Avatar is already shown its target audience is not the younger crowd but older Avatar Lovers and with the first 3 episodes it's fanbase has already exploaded! Don't believe me? Go on Tumblr, Deviantart, or google search Legend of Korra. It's insane.

 I love the initial appeal of the season. Compare to Season 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the first 3 episodes are much stronger but yet to be appealing toward an older audience and building up from things the audience loved from the original series. For one, Korra is nothing like Aang. If anything she is like Toph the most but has a blend of Katara and Suki within. She might be like Katara by conditioning. *spoiler* She was trained in waterbending by Katara. It is also easily able to see they took the Zukatara relationship EVERYONE was waiting to see and manipulated to our enjoyment. We should expect another love-triangle for the girls. But for the boys we'll see a LOT of action. Korra has a lot of boyish characteristics which benefits the genre of the show.

Now some Fangirl Talk *spoilers ahead*
I was actually upset with the drawings of characters in first two episodes. I felt Korra's shape did not fit the one of a cartoon girl. Then I forgave it because it was more realistic and more positive for the general audience. A girls aren't always as skinny as Katara. Besides Korra looks more feminine in Episode 3 anyway (somehow, someway idk)
I also didn't love Mako as much as I loved Zuko. But I shall also forgive that. Zuko was not even good looking until season 2, then he became a hunk in Season 3. Mako is good looking as Season 1. He shall become a hunk very soon.

I really enjoy the 3rd episode of Legend of Korra. It litterally has you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode. I watched a preview of the episode and I was on the edge of my seat for 3 hours waiting for the oppertunity of this episode and soon after I went on tumblr. THE FANGIRLS ARE ON FIRE.

One fangirl posted her notes on that episode:

  • The morning is EVIL
  • “Looks like the little love bird is making a house call”
  • and Mako’s just like lol no Bolin you can’t do that MUST GO TO AIR TEMPLE ISLAND TO INTERFERE
  • At least that’s the way my shipper mind is interpreting it
  • Have I mentioned that Bolin and Pabu are adorable
  • Uhhhh Mako
  • Mako lightning-bending
  • Thank you, Bryke, for making any other male, fictional or not, pale in comparison to the beauty that is Mako
  • Also,
  • Korra and Mako fell asleep on each other
  • Notice how Korra fully has the sleepy face on and screams as she leaps back?
  • Notice how Mako doesn’t? 
  • Headcanon: Mako was already awake but didn’t want to wake Korra up. 
  • Oh, the holding on to Mako’s arm thing?
  • C’mon, we all know that was completely unnecessary
  • I mean, they broke apart when they got to the bouncer person
  • So what was the point of that?
  • Korra and Mako being all touchy, obviously
  • Why is Amon such a popstar diva?
  • I think Bolin and Mako fight like they’re in the Probending Arena too much. As in, their bending is too controlled, and fighting in the real world requires versatility
  • Korra, on the other hand… has no control or tactics at all
  • But that’s the whole point of the series: the Avatar learning and mastering the elements and all their aspects
  • I should probably come back to write more on my thoughts when I’m not fangirling over Makorra

I agree with her to certain points. Bullet #3 made no sense. He went to the air temple after haven't seeing Bolin for hours. But it does make you see where a certain plotline is going. Bolin likes Korra. Korra likes Mako. But if Mako does like Korra, he will be obligated to his brother to give a chance with Korra no matter how much he likes her. Mako is always protecting his brother. We'll see a lot of disputes between Mako and Bolin because Mako cares too much. We also realize that bending feats from 100 years ago, are very common. But despite that Mako can lightning bend, his firebending sucks compare to ones like Korra, Zuko, Azula, and Aang. He lacks a strong background in traditional martial arts. And he's weaker than Korra, a major negative. Eventually Bolin and Mako are going to need some serious training. I watch the Headcanon part a couple of times before I could confirm my thoughts. Mako, doesn't seem like he was fully asleep when they wake up. Her opinion may be true.  Mako obviously has some childhood trauma, he might be a light sleeper. Either way, there is no way he didn't know she fell asleep on his shoulder. 

I'm very deeply waiting to see the psychological outcomes of Mako. Seeing his parents killed is something deep. I feel like Mako and Bolin are descendants of that mayor from Avatar: Promise (if you guys read the comics). 

Thank you tumblr fan girls for noticing this. This episode definitively got me in frenzies. All the Makorra moments…when Ikki and Jinora were teasing Korra and and and when they fell alseep on each other and woke up all embarrassed and and and and the scarf and the arm grab

I think all this Makkorra stuff is what got me. I was such a zukatara fan, this is so similar to it. Plus Mako is Korra's foil, omg I am in love. 

Plus Avatar always make me want to learn martial arts and tone up my body. Maybe I'll do it, before it's too late, this year :)

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