Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DisneyWorld Part 1

So in total, 4 days in Disney World on a group trip. I didn't have much time to camwhore and by the time I did have down time, I looked absolutely disgusting. We were in each park from 8am to midnight. We spent our first day at Magic Kingdom. I didn't take many pictures and they aren't the best because my camera is still broken  :(

Our commemorate t-shirt.
We went by  bus. From New York to Florida . It's a 18 hour ride D:  If you can figure which one is me, you may realized I look extremely hideous here.

Before we even got to Disney, we stopped at IHop and we got Mickey-Shaped Items. They must of saw our t-shirts lolol. 

When I first arrived I sent out a picture of this everywhere. I don't mind showing this because my name isn't spelled right here. 

The first thing I saw in Magic Kingdom. A band <3
The raceway.
    Here are some candid photo's of Magic Kingdom at night. I don't have much to offer for Magic Kingdom but I got plenty of pictures from Epcot. 

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